Foreclosure DIY: How to Remove Wallpaper

by Christine DemosApril 18, 2011

With the abundance of foreclosures on the market, you may be considering this somewhat alternative approach to home buying. For some guidelines, read our Tips for Buying Foreclosures article. While the idea of buying a foreclosure is great, make sure you’re ready to get your hands dirty with anything that’s not up to your standards.  Case in point: wallpaper!  removing wallpaper

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When you’re searching for homes for sale, anything with wallpaper immediately brings to light work that you’ll have to do removing it. Don’t let that deter you from buying a home that could be perfect with just a little elbow grease. Follow these simple steps to remove the dreaded wallpaper:

1.       First, use the Paper Tiger tool and score the surface of the wallpaper. You can do 6’ to 8’ sections at a time.

2.       Next, fill a bucket with very hot water and mix in special wallpaper remover, fabric softener and baking soda. This solution is a good and quick wallpaper removal home remedy.

3.       Using a paint roller, cover the walls with the solution twice then leave it alone for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Finally, scrape off the paper using a paint spatula. Repeat as necessary and remember to be careful to avoid damaging the drywall.

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