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by Shannon RoseJune 20, 2011

“Words with Friends” has become a widely popular game application for Android and iPhone users alike. I can’t help but notice the daily Facebook and Twitter updates displaying my friends’ “Words with Friends” user names and an invitation for everyone to join in the game. However, those of us with not-so-smart phones seem to be missing out on the fun, but a weekly game night with friends is an inexpensive way to bring you back in the loop!

While you can play “Words with Friends” on the go, it’s certainly lacking some key aspects of a word based game. My personal favorite, challenges. In “SCRABBLE,” challenges add a gamble to the game. Make sure you always have a dictionary on hand when playing a game of “SCRABBLE;” you never know when someone will want to challenge you, or when you may want to challenge someone else!


Saving money is a constant battle in today’s economy; a game night in is certainly a fun way to pinch a few pennies. If you don’t already own the game, Hasbro has introduced a slew of new versions. A traditional game of “SCRABBLE” requires four or fewer players, but newer versions of the game ask for as many as eight players. The games vary in price, with “SCRABBLE Slam!” costing as little as $6.99, and “SCRABBLE Deluxe Edition” can cost as much as $39.99.

Once you chose your game for the night, invite as many friends as the game allows. Another benefit to playing “SCRABBLE,” you can socialize with your friends, in person! If you want to expand your guest list, consider playing the game in doubles. A game night isn’t complete without a few munchies. Ask your guests to bring their favorite snack. A pot-luck-style game night will save the host the cost and effort of providing for everyone, and it’s always fun to swap recipes!

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