Open Up a Small Space

by Christine DemosAugust 17, 2011

Next week I’m going to be moving into a bedroom that measures 11′ by 11′, and I couldn’t be happier. I love small spaces and the feeling of intimacy and cozy atmosphere that tight quarters create. But that doesn’t mean I want my living quarters to look small—there is a difference between intimacy and feeling so cramped that the space is no longer welcoming!

Here are a couple ideas to make the most of small spaces.

  • Wash the windows frequently.

    Not only will this brighten your spaces up, the extra light opens up the view.

  • Consider a lighter color scheme.

    Painting with lighter colors, especially in a monochromatic color scheme will make your space feel open and airy.

  • Less is more.

    Space counts for more when there’s less of it. It’s easy to overwhelm with bold decorating flourishes and loud or numerous furnishings and knick-knacks in a small space, so err on the side of subtlety.

  • Strive for harmony.

    Again, when there is less space to make a statement, you have to state it simply or the effect will be overwhelming. Choose one color scheme and try to stay within it; while a monochromatic color scheme will create an illusion of openness, contrasting colors will break up the space and be jarring. Additionally, stick with simple prints or even plain colored upholstery for furniture.

  • Entertain often.

    Close quarters will invite intimacy and conversation among your guests, and entertaining will encourage you to keep the space clean, which will open the space up.

  • Be conscious of furniture placement.

    Don’t block any open space or the view into the room or it will feel cramped. The more floor space you can see, the larger the room will look.

  • Make use of reflective and see-through surfaces.

    By using materials you can see through and reflective surfaces, you can effectively double the size of your room. Consider see through shower doors, glass tabletops and large framed mirrors on the wall.

Even if you prefer wide open spaces in the home and your current living situation is a little more cozy than you’d like, these tips will help create the feel of a more spacious home. When you are surrounded by good friends and family, however, any space will feel inviting.

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