Wine Cellars: More Than Just Another “Room” In Your Home

by Christine DemosAugust 3, 2011

I’m not in the real estate business but as a working parent, I’ve dived my share of various work experiences, from being a part-time teacher, an online blogger, a marketing assistant and so much more. As everything online has become quite the craze nowadays, you can find just about anything being bought and sold from clothes, shoes, accessories, and even food, toiletries, cars, and so much more. As you know, renting out an apartment, job hiring, and yes, even real estate can be done online!

Recently, I tried hooking up with some real estate online sites because a few relatives of ours have began moving to Montana and asked me if I could help them locate good “deals” on homes. What I found out was this: one of the reasons why some residential homes are valued more than the rest was, believe it or not, their wine cellars!

Why indeed, you may ask? Well, as it turns out, wine cellars nowadays have earned a really significant niche in almost any residential space. With wine currently the top choice of beverage for adults this year, wine lovers need a place to properly store their wine. Lots of homes have been undergoing amazing transformations, thanks to this new home fashion icon.

Even better, building beautiful wine cellars doesn’t have to be as expensive as undertaking a full-blown upgrade of your home. There are so many ingenious ways where you can embark on a wine cellar project while considering the cost, and of course, your available budget. For starters, here are some popular wine cellar ideas that have considerably “leveled-up” the value of a number of homes:

  • Dining Room Wine Displays
  • Closet Transformations
  • Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars
  • Tasting Rooms and Home Bars
  • Under Stairwell Transformations
  • Basement Wine Cellars
  • Garage Renovations

And these are only SOME of them! By carefully deciding on the wine racks within, you can actually come up with more creative ways on how to incorporate gorgeous wine cellars in your homes.

Custom-made transformations at desirable cost!

So as I’ve mentioned, wine cellars have become some sort of “the next home fashion icon” nowadays which stands to reason why a lot of homes have been daring the wine cellar project. But of course, it shouldn’t just be any wine cellar. You’d want yours to stand out and be a cut above the rest just as much as we always try to build homes that reflect uniqueness in architectural style and design. Thus, custom wine cellars are all the rage. However, there are still some who are quite reluctant to take on such a project due to financial constraints.

With wine rack kits, creating highly personalized wine cellars is made simple and affordable. Wine racks that are pre-made in a factory and shipped out can be versatile and mixed and matched in so many ways resulting to a wide assortment of design possibilities. So, achieving functional yet utterly stylish wine cellars is totally do-able even if you’re working with a tight budget.

Indeed, wine cellars bring value to your homes, even more than what you’ve probably expected. More than just another room in your home, your wine cellar is an iconic addition that increases both its aesthetic and financial value. So why not start working on a wine cellar project and take the value of your real estate to a whole new level, all thanks to custom wine cellars.

Cynette Montoya is a wine writer for Wine Cellar Innovations, a company that creates unique wine racks for residential homes and commercial wine stores. Their custom wine cellars and wine racks can be found throughout the United States and featured in HGTV, Robb Report, Wine Spectator, PBS, and more. She loves writing about wood wine projects, cellar art, and more on their wine cellar blog. Find them on Facebook and Twitter and say hi!

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