A Wine Lovers Christmas Delight

by Christine DemosDecember 8, 2011

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Not too many of us mention it, but it can be pretty hard thinking about what gifts to give to others on specific occasions. And it gets even more difficult when it’s a spur of the moment thing, like when you decide to pay an impromptu home visit. Also, think about a situation when your potential “giftee” has a particular interest or passion in mind, such as wine enthusiasts and wine cellar owners. What presents do you think would work best for them? Why don’t we talk about this interesting dilemma and try to come up with ideal wine gifts that would bring an extra sparkle to their smiles and ours as well! Make it a wine lovers Christmas!

Now you probably have also heard somewhere that wine is one of those failsafe gift ideas that you can latch onto. That’s true enough! A hostess wine bottle when you go over to someone’s house would be very much welcome, especially if the homeowner is a fellow connoisseur. But you might want to improve on the “standard” fare and trot over with some really unique selections. Some best selling reds like the Tormaresca Neprica 2009 or an authentic Bordeaux Red Blend like the Glen Carlou Grand Classique 2008 would make for some fine wine gifts that would actually leave a lasting impression of good taste. Or you can indulge in wine gift sets that can actually give you more value for your money, providing you with an impressive collection of 2 to five bottles of excellent wines and spirits for less than a hundred dollars.

We can also do things a little differently and with a little more flair with personalized wine gift items. There are so many selections that you actually choose from, taking into account the personal preference of your “giftee” and of course, your budget. But don’t go thinking that anything “personalized” would already spell expensive. A bit of ingenuity can go a long way, say for example, personalized wine glasses and beer mugs in fun and fancy designs. Wine baskets are also a quaint way of showing your appreciation to special people or even new acquaintances, friends, and colleagues.

Another great way to go about “customized” wine gifts would be to do just a bit of research on your “giftee’s” personality and style. It’ll then be quite easy to come up with great wine gift ideas like giving a deluxe wine tool set, bar gift set, champagne gift box set, or corkscrew gift set to hard-core connoisseurs. For female wine lovers, it’d be a novelty to pick some interesting wine apparel for them unwrap and delight in like a super fab handbags and purses, wine-themed shirts, and ladies hats. Other equally fascinating and wonderfully affordable gift ideas would include some wine enhancements, wine journals, wine caddies, and wine beverage coolers. These are customized yet inexpensive options your potential “giftees” would surely love!

Lastly, let’s also talk about what would make for great gifts to wine cellar owners. For these devout connoisseurs, anything that would improve wine storage conditions for their prized collection will most probably be the perfect win gift. In this case, some wine cellar humidification accessories like water fountains would be an excellent choice. Or for cheaper yet functional options, you can also rely on custom wine racks to be a smash hit. Wood or metal wine racks in flexible configurations make for ideal gifts no matter what the occasion and you can be sure these hand-crafted items would showcase both quality and style. For example, try going with some curvy wine cubes for a totally unique wine racking selection. These cubes can go just about anywhere in one’s home and wine cellar and they give off a really fresh and sexy vibe, too!

Before you go out and start purchasing stuff off the racks whether online or right from the stores, a fun idea would be a vacation package to take a breather, gather inspiration as well as expanding their wine and wine cellar knowledge. Wine trips to Napa Valley, the heart of wine country, would surely get those connoisseur juices flowing and be enjoyable for everyone involved. After all, the best wine gifts are those that can bring happiness to both the giver and the “giftee!”

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