How to Update a Bathroom on a Budget

by Beth HunterJanuary 10, 2012

We are delighted to introduce Beth Hunter from Home Stories A to Z! Beth has the amazing ability of inspiring others to find imaginative ways of creating beauty in their home. Additionally, she is the proud mother to two adventurous little boys and DIY connoisseur.  We are very excited to have her share her expertise with us. We hope you enjoy this and future posts!

It is often said that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. With that in mind, many searching homes for sale might be tempted to pass by those with outdated bathrooms and kitchens. Well pass by them no more! Today I am going to show you how to update a bathroom with a bare-bones-budget of $350 or less. I will also show you what your bathroom can become as time and money allow you to accessorize. Remember that decorating should always be viewed as a process rather than a one-time event!

Erin from the blog His & Hers decided that her outdated bathroom was for the birds ;). Using painter’s tape, a $12.50 second-hand mirror, applesauce jar “sconces”, and a new vanity, Erin and her husband created this gorgeous retreat!


Let’s see if we can create something similar! I searched the web and found some pictures that inspired the same tone and feel as Erin’s bathroom makeover. Tip: Before starting a renovation, it is imperative to find pictures that inspire you. Inspiration photos will help focus your project and help you decide on a color palette.


With my color palette and design plan in place, I created a mood board implementing our bare-bones budget. Our budget doesn’t include the cost of a handy man/woman because you can do this yourself! There are several fantastic blog tutorials which will teach you step by step how to paint stripes on the wall. If you get in a bind and need help with plumbing or electric, ask your handy friends to help you out. Many friends are willing to help for the price of dinner and drinks on you!

  • Ikea Ung Drill Mirror: $39.99
  • Lowes Magick Woods Vanity (prices vary by location): $149.99
  • Sconces (prices vary by location): $120.00
  • Paint: $40.00

Total = $349.98


Our bare-bones bathroom is fresh, chic, updated and ready to sell or just enjoy. If and when the budget allows, here is what our space can look like all dolled up!
Aren’t accessories fantastic? With just a few fun accents you can emphasize the personality of your space.

So next time you are browsing the home listings and are tempted to nix that home with the passe bathroom, I hope you will remember this post! With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you can have a beautiful home on a budget!

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