Freshening Up Your Homes Exterior for Spring

by Shelley SmithApril 4, 2012

As spring has approached and warmer weather is moving in, I thought this month it would be great to talk a little bit about sprucing up our outdoor spaces! Specifically with tips and tricks on how to get the exterior of your home and its surroundings manicured and beautiful for you to be able to enjoy all spring and summer long.

After a cold, wet, windy winter our homes exterior can look like it has taken quite a beating.
The exterior of any home or apartment is the first thing that people see when they come to visit, so it’s nice to make sure that their first impression of your home is a good one! Listed below are a few easy, budget friendly ways to freshen up your homes exterior.

Power washing and cleaning gutters

Wipe or spray down your exterior to remove any dust or cobwebs that have gathered through the winter season. If you have excessive build up of dirt and grime on your home, sidewalks or porch areas, you might want to think about renting a power washer to really get a deep clean.
Gutters tend to collect a lot of debris after the fall and winter, so check them to make sure that they are free and clear of any leaves, sticks or other objects that may prevent them from working properly.


Washing or adding light fixturescleaning-light-fixtures1

Taking apart your exterior light fixtures and giving all the individual parts a good cleaning can really make a big difference.
If you are in need of new fixtures, there are lots of different, unique, affordable styles to choose from at your local hardware store or even online.

Cleaning windows and screens

I try to have my windows cleaned at least twice a year. It helps to not only brighten up the exterior of our home, but the interior as well! Frequent window cleanings are important to help stop hard water build up that can collect on your windows over time, and make them appear dull or cloudy.

Repainting your front door and shutters

After a few winters and hot summers your shutters and doors tend to fade and discolor, from being exposed to the elements. Wiping them down or giving them a fresh coat of paint will help to give your home an overall fresh, clean look.


When my parents bought their existing home they were greeted by a bright two-toned orange door that they weren’t so fond of. But after a few coats of black paint, a fun wreath and a vinyl decal, they were able to give their front entryway an entirely different look.
You can hire out a small painting job like this, for usually around $50.00 – $75.00, or save a little money and tackle the project yourself!

Spraying for bugs

Warmer weather also means that spiders and other insects are going to make their way out. So be sure that the last step in your homes annual clean up includes a visit from your local pest control company, or a quick DIY spray for bugs around windows, doors and your homes foundation.


Even though you may not be able to physically see this last recommendation for sprucing up your homes exterior, you will definitely be happy that you remembered to do it.

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