Using Simple Landscaping, Plants and Flowers to Customize your Homes Exterior

by Shelley SmithApril 26, 2012

We’ve talked a lot this month about sprucing your home up for Spring and Summer! From cleaning up the exterior portions of your home, to making sure you have a welcoming entryway, but one of the things that can really make your home look even MORE aesthetically pleasing and inviting, is simple, beautiful landscaping!
My parents bought their current home about 2 years ago, and from a first glance the outside looked pretty sad. Dead shrubs and brown grass were all I could focus on. My parents, however, saw lots of potential. Little did I know, that a few strategically placed plants, a LOT of water, and some major TLC, could get the curb appeal of their home from blahh, to beautiful in no time, and even win them their neighborhoods Yard of the Month award, this past year!\

House offer beforebefore

Yard of the Month - thehouseofsmiths.comafter

Here are a few great examples of simple home landscaping ideas that most of us can implement in our own homes exterior.

Hanging Greenery and Flower Arrangements in Baskets

If you’re tight on space in your yard, or maybe you don’t even have one, because you live in an apartment, finding interesting ways to hang plants and flowers from simple wire or makeshift baskets, can really bring life onto your front porch! As you can see, they can also be used as privacy barriers, to section off portions of your outdoor living space.
Hanging Flower and plant ideas

Finding Unique Ways To Pot Plants and Flowers

Having pops of color in landscaping can really help personalize outdoor space for your real estate property. If you want to take it up a notch, then you can try using unique items to plant your flowers and greenery in. Old chairs, vintage sinks, colorful rain boots, or even old tea kettles!
unique ways to plant flowers
unique planting ideas for flowers

Framing Out Your Home’s Walk Way

Choosing items that frame out, but don’t obscure your homes walkway, is a great way to use landscaping to welcome your guests (and helps when you go to sell your home). Depending on what climate you live in, you can use plants, flowers and ivy, or even just large rocks in interesting patterns.
Framing out your walkaway with landscaping
Although these ideas are all simple to implement, sometimes knowing where to start can be a challenge. I have to admit, that landscape and yard design isn’t something that comes as naturally to me as interior decorating, so I was thrilled to find a great DIY program over on the Better Homes and Gardens website that lets you plan out and design either a simple garden, or your homes entire exterior!
Plan a Garden tool
Adding simple, beautiful landscaping around your homes exterior is a great way to not only improve your homes curb appeal but also add lots of personality to your outdoor space.

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