Fall Color Trends and How to Use them in Your Home

by Shelley SmithSeptember 13, 2012

Have you seen Pantone’s 2012 Fall color trends? I’m in love, especially with the unexpected ones. Olympian Blue, Pink Flambe and Ultramarine Green. Just the names alone make me happy!
I’m sure that in some way or another you have a few of these colors already worked into your homes decor, but if you want to add a bigger punch, of this years Fall color trends to your space, then here are a few ideas of how to mix and match these fabulous new hues.

French Roast & Bright Chartreuse


Greens and browns have got to be the easiest colors to decorate with, and the bright, happy shade of chartreuse just make it that much more fun! With a lot more yellow than regular green, and demanding a bit more attention, chartreuse is the perfect color to work into your fall decor this year. Recover a chair, scatter recycled old bottles on a table, or simply bring the natural beauty of the outside in, by snipping a few of Summers first changing leaves to display in a vase.

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Ultramarine Green, Honey Gold, & Pink Flambe

If you’re looking to take little more risk in your space with color this fall,  than you might want to think about trying beautiful ultramarine green and pink flambe instead. I have to say that these two colors can be pretty bold, so if you don’t feel like you’re ready to paint an entire wall either of these colors just yet, then maybe just hang a simple print, put a bowl of brightly colored flowers on display or stick a small glass dish up on an existing shelf, to draw the eye to your fun new color scheme.

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Rhapsody, Gold, & Titanium


Most of us think that purple only belongs in a girly bedroom, but mixed with the right shades of gray and gold, falls new trendy shade of rhapsody leans to a classier, more contemporary feel. If you’re timid about trying purple then use it paired with neutral shades. Browns, creams, golds, silvers and grays will help to anchor a room, so that you can have fun using pops of purple here and there. Whether it’s through fabric, flowers or a line-up of brightly colored book spines, purple can be fun in any space. Just remember, less is more when you’re using a bold color.
Because color trends come and go, sometimes the best way to use them is through transitory items. Accent furniture, jars, vases, table runners, pillows, throws, lampshades and dishes are great ways to pop these fun Fall colors this year, without feeling too committed to keeping them around all year long.
When deciding on what colors to use in your fall table settings and displays this year, think outside the box, get brave, creative and experimental with your color choices. You might surprise yourself with how much more fun fall decor can be!

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