Is Your Home Prepared for Fall?

by Jiney ChoOctober 22, 2012

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your home and family for the winter season. Be sure to follow these tips to freshen and weatherproof your home for the upcoming cooler temps. We’ve even provided you with a helpful checklist to make the process as easy as possible.


  • Hire Professional Services

    Have your heater or furnace inspected and serviced correctly before usage. Hire help to deep clean your furniture or carpet if you would like to remove bacteria, smells, pollutants and allergens.

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  • Clear Your Entryway

    Make it easy for your family to store and grab jackets, keys, shoes, and bags with useful storage areas and a clean cleared entry. Need ideas for storage? Check out our Drop Zone article for some inspiration.

  • Store Foods

    Freeze any foods or greens that you want to enjoy in the winter.

  • Replace Air Conditioning Filters & Clean Humidifiers

    Improve the airflow in your home by changing A/C filters to improve energy efficiency and support your family’s health.

  • Safety First

    Replace batteries or install smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure fire extinguishers are regularly inspected and up-to-date. Check and correct for any safety hazards inside and outside the home, such as getting rid of stacks of newspapers, cleaning gutters, or draining a lawn mower full of gasoline.

  • Organize/De-Clutter

    Throw away expired foods and donate unused clothing or items. Organize and de-clutter your closets, attic, spice cabinet, drawers, shed, garage, and refrigerator.

  • Wash/Wipe Down Your Home

    Clean and sanitize your counters, walls, and windows in each room.

  • Dust

    Dust electronics and furniture. This includes your TV, PC, printer, window sills, bookcases, light fixtures, & ceiling fans.


  • Weatherproof your Windows, Doors, and Roof

    Check for drafts or any cracks and holes. Weatherstrip and caulk any areas near doors, windows, and roof to keep the heat in and cold weather out.

  • Store Away Outdoor Items

    Clean, cover, and store your outdoor furniture, grills, clean and cover the pool. Turn off the faucet, drain, disconnect, clean, and store your garden hose to prevent it from splitting.

    pool-austin-txSorry, Pool Closed!

  • Clean Gutters & Downspouts

    Check for blockage, leaks, security of the pipes, and repair if necessary.

  • Drain Sprinkler/Irrigation System

    Prevent damage and broken systems by draining the system.

  • Transport Plants & Clean Pots

    Move your plants indoors before the weather gets too cold. It is recommended to move them before it reaches 40°F.


  • Check the Conditions Outside

    Make sure stairs and railings are stable, replace outdoor light bulbs, paint, or roof shingles if necessary.

  • Trim Bushes & Trees

    Trim branches of foliage and prune hedges that touch the siding of your home.

Fall Home ChecklistDownload the fall checklist.

Have a safe and happy fall! If you have any other tips, please share with us in the comments section below.

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