Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Inspired Luxury Homes

by Jiney ChoNovember 13, 2012

Inspired by photos from the new Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 movie, we’ve located three of the most expensive, beautiful, and luxurious real estate listings on Much like the scenery from the Twilight series, the selected homes are ‘outdoorsy’ and nature-based. Breaking Dawn, Part 2 will be playing in theaters November 16, 2012. Will you be there? Match 1: Aspen, CO: $47,500,000

telluride-co-horses-in-fieldTelluride, Colorodo

Would you like to live in the great outdoors? This resort-like Aspen home is surrounded by 67 acres of mountainous area, lush with alpine forests, waterfalls, and a nearby creek. There are also jeep and hiking trails 2.6 miles away for some active outdoor recreation.
More Features:

  • 12 Bedrooms
  • 15 Baths (Full)
  • 5 Baths (Half)
  • 23,649 Square Feet
  • Rare Creek front Property
  • Manicured Lawns
  • Waterfalls
  • Jeep & Hiking Trail
  • Newly Built in 2010

You should know that this stunning home has two kitchens. They are both grade-A, where the “A” stands for amazing. Just be sure to stay clear from any cutlery or sharp objects near vampires.
The first kitchen has a modern appeal, with exposed brick pillars. The lighting accents and roof structure really bring character and add to the luxury of the kitchen.
I love the exposed red brick and rustic country appeal this second kitchen offers. The indoor grill and fireplace are a bonus too! I’m a sucker for both of these, so I can’t decide which one I like more.

midnight-mine-rd-aspen-co-luxury-home-kitchen3Which kitchen do you prefer?

If you’re into ice baths, this is the right place! I don’t think a vampire would be affected much since they are always cold.
How about this bedroom? Ridiculous, right? Check out the wood paneling on the ceiling – you don’t see that every day. The natural lighting and view are phenomenal as well. Even for the most chilling days, lighting up the fireplace for a cozy movie night in bed with your sweetheart (or a Team Edward/Team Jacob poster) will warm you right up!

midnight-mine-rd-aspen-co-luxury-home-bedroom-with-windowsAspen, CO homes for sale Match 2: Palm Beach, FL: $9,450,000

There is an intra-coastal view from practically every room in this Palm Beach home. Located on the Lake Trail in Florida, you even get your own private dock and access. Are you a fan of ivy covered homes?

More Features:

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 5 Baths (Full)
  • 1 Baths (Half)
  • 5,315 Square Feet
  • Balcony/Terrace
  • Private Dock to Lake Trail

palm-beach-fl-luxury-home-exterior-back3Pool season may be over, but the crystal blue waters are something to look forward to next year!

Someone pinch me, I think I found my dream kitchen! The smooth white granite countertops, pristine glass cabinets, and vibrant indigo-blue backsplash work so well together, wouldn’t you agree?

palm-beach-fl-luxury-home-kitchenPalm Beach, FL homes for sale Match 3: Diablo, CA:$12,800,000

I present to you, 1.18 acres of a gardener’s paradise! This California European country style home is a rare beauty, perfect for nature lovers. What is a European country home you ask? This is a home that is “surrounded by picturesque gardens” and forms the perfect backdrop to a country escape with all the luxuries of modern life.” Translated, it looks like beautiful artwork in person.

More Features:

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 4 Baths (Full)
  • 1 Baths (Half)
  • 5,700 Square Feet
  • Automated window treatments
  • Audio throughout the home & gardens
  • Computerized water feature system – Allows users to control water in the pool/spa from their iPhone or iPad. WOW!
  • “His and Her” Barns
  • Guest House
  • Sport Court

diablo-ca-luxury-home-garden-houseTwo green thumbs up for having a barn and plenty to stay busy here!

Another interesting fact about this home, is that it is inspired by English gardens that separate grounds into specialized “rooms”. Some “rooms” include a formal Rose Garden, Koi Pond, and Dahlia Garden room. They offer an array of features such as fragrant garden scents, tropical plants, show fish, and beautiful blossom sights. Pretty cool!
Is it just me, or does this kitchen remind you of Edward Cullen sparkling in the light? With commercial grade appliances and gorgeous countertops, this kitchen is up to a gourmet chef’s quality.

diablo-ca-luxury-home-kitchen3Diablo, CA homes for sale

After seeing this home, I’m convinced that it is possible to actually live in a Monet painting.

Vampire, werewolf, or human – I would be more than happy to live in any of these homes! Which home did you enjoy the most?

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