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by Maria SalovaMarch 20, 2013

One thing we tend to see with kids in the home is clutter. Kids require more room for their clothes, shoes, school supplies, beds, and toys… lots of toys. We most certainly do not want to create any fuss by throwing their toys away, therefore, it is important to create a room that not only is appealing but one that services as a great storage area for all of their belongings. Here are a few of our favorite rooms.


The bunk bed is great for creating more walk room for the kids, giving them an area to play and move around. The other good thing about bunk beds is that they can almost always be taken apart and put as two beds next to each other once the kids get older. The dresser that was once in the room can be placed in the closet if the room becomes too cramped after taking the bunk bed apart. Using storage space under the bed can save you a lot of room and is easily accessible for the kids.


This bedroom has built in shelves and desks which creates a lot of space for the kids to play and allows them to be more organized. The use of bins on the shelves helps kids be organized too. Built in shelves that are the same color as the walls helps the room still feel spacious.


We love this room because the daybed and built in shelves make the room not only elegant but spacious as well as efficient. The daybed has storage underneath which provides easy access for children while the shelves provide extra space for storing toys and books. Including bins keeps it organized, neat, and allows children to find their belongings easily.


It is safe to say this is one well-themed room and one of the reasons we love it! The built in bunk beds serve great for hangouts and sleepovers. By taking advantage of vertical space, it opens up the room for a play area, desk, or more storage. Utilizing the space under the beds for storage keeps clutter to a minimum.

These rooms are appealing and they work because they use vertical space, closet space, and visually appealing shelves. Kid’s rooms don’t have to have a choice between organized and stylish. We love these rooms because they mix both style and functionality for kids.

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