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Seasonal Storage Solutions

Hello! Today I’m sharing some seasonal storage solutions. Putting in a little extra effort and time will save you time and a headache when it comes to packing and unpacking your seasonal decorations.

Invest in clear storage containers. This will make it easier to spot items inside the bins. Remember to label the containers according to holiday.


If you don’t have clear containers and don’t want to spend more money on new ones or, if you’re like me and wrap almost all of your items in paper and put them in a clear toes, include the exact contents on the outside of each bin. You can easily do this by attached a small envelope to the outside of the box. Write or print the contents of the box on a piece of paper and slip it into the envelope.


Select a spot to store your seasonal decor bins, whether it be in your basement, attic, garage, or a spare closet. If you’re short on space, you can store items under beds or on the top shelf in a closet. I store my sentimental Christmas ornaments under our guest bedroom bed because I’m too afraid to put them in our non-climate controlled attic.


I used to hate putting up Christmas lights because they would always be a tangled mess, but I learned a mind blowing trick a few years ago – wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard. The lights stay in place and don’t tangle when you put them up.


Glue plastic cups onto cardboard to store smaller, delicate decorations. Whether it’s miniature pumpkins, Christmas ornaments, or Easter eggs, this method will keep items secure and organized.


I see wrapping paper as a seasonal item because you don’t use it every day or week. Unless you give everyone you know a gift for every occasion. There are tons of wrapping paper storage solutions out there but I like this one of using a garment bag because it keeps the paper organized, easily accessible – if needed for a birthday, and off the floor.


Purge after every holiday. Are there some decorations you didn’t use this year? Ask yourself why you didn’t use them and if you see yourself using those decorations next year. If the answer is no, donate those items or ask a family member if the decorations would fit into their holiday decor. There’s no reason to keep lugging around items you’re never going to use.


I hope these tips help you when it comes time to store your holiday decorations. Holidays can be stressful enough, simplify the process by putting in a little time to get organized so you’re not stressed out the following year when you’re trying to locate a specific item. Do you have an additional tips you’d like to share?

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