Budget Friendly Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

by Maria SalovaJuly 8, 2013

You’ve been handed the keys to your perfect home, but as you are moving in, you notice how white and bare the walls are. Making your new house feel like home doesn’t mean splurging is always necessary. Here are tips to help your home have style on a budget.

Cheer up your space by giving it pops of color. Vibrant and bold colors are trending and color is the most inexpensive way to add style to your home.

  • Paint the walls, or even just one wall in a room to give it a bold look.
  • Keep the walls white and add vibrant colored accessories to a room such as rugs and pillows.
  • Up-cycle old furniture and paint it a bright color such as orange or cobalt blue.
  • Use fabrics with bold and colorful prints. Mixing patterns can add a unique touch.
  • Use stencils to add a pattern to your walls instead of purchasing wallpaper.
  • Have an accent wall. This will save costs on painting and decorating other walls.

Want marble but not the price? Use marble as a backsplash behind the sink, or try porcelain tiles that resemble marble; giving you the look and the price that you want.

Look into DIY projects. They have become very popular for home décor ideas; giving your home a unique, one of a kind style while saving costs.

  • Have a DIY statement piece such as a bicycle-wheel clock.
  • Use frames with various DIY pictures and other DIY wall treatments.
  • Paint your own pillow cases. This allows you to have any patterns you’d like.
  • Make your own accent pieces such as a herringbone patterned glass lamp.
  • Up-cycle pieces of wood and paint them different colors to make a wood shim wall art piece.
  • Re-purpose vases. Vases are budget friendly accent pieces that can be easily etched, wrapped with rope and ribbons, or painted.
  • Add radiant in-floor heating by purchasing a DIY kit. Many DIY projects now have DIY kits available for purchase; allowing you to take on projects you’ve been eager to do while still staying in your budget.

Finally, take a look at magazines or blogger sites for inspiration. The best way to get ideas is by looking at other projects. This way you will know the pros and cons of the project as well as what the final look will resemble.

Moving in and making your new space feel like home is an exciting process! Utilizing these tips will help you settle in by furnishing your home on a budget. What home décor and/or home DIY project are you planning?

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