Internet Access for a Full House

by Maria SalovaJuly 30, 2013

Have you ever had this happen, you try to access the internet at the same time as someone else in your home and it ends up being extremely slow? With two or more people in a home, internet access can become difficult to access but with the right tools and tips, your internet connection can greatly improve. Here are some tips you can use to help you access the internet in a full house.

Change the Position of Your Router

Internet connectivity will change drastically based on where you place your router within your home. Since wireless connections allow family members to access the internet on their devices anywhere within the home, a centrally located router is best and will allow an equal amount of internet connectivity in all rooms.

Modems are often installed in the corner of a room, making Ethernet cables inconvenient to have running through the home. If you need to move your modem’s location for better access, ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and they can sometimes relocate it for you for a small charge.

Purchase a Repeater

Wireless repeaters can help boost internet connectivity throughout the home. Repeaters work similar to a router except they relay an existing signal rather than create a new one. Installing a repeater is extremely simple as well, no wires or connections needed. You may also purchase more than one repeater to help boost the network even further.

Don’t Allow Interference

A number of factors can interfere with your router and wireless device – cordless home phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, wireless cameras, and wireless speakers can all affect your internet access. Interference can be caused by having another wireless device too close to your router or computer as well. Routers too close to the wall can also have interference issues due to power running in the walls, especially if the power lines are feeding fluorescent light bulbs.

Upgrade Your Router

Router manufacturers will sometimes publish firmware updates to their hardware to help resolve maintenance issues or install new features. By installing these updates, your router can perform better and will be able to access new features. This is a simple tip that many people overlook.

Adjust Internet Providers

Sometimes it’s just the internet service providers that can lack internet access or slow speeds. Make sure to research different internet service providers in your area and how well they perform with various household sizes. Depending on the city you live in, you may have several internet service providers available and they will all have different reviews. For example, Charlotte, NC has high internet speeds, but the main service provider there may be different to the one in your city or may have different reviews in your city based on its local performance.

Finding an apartment with great internet speed is easy, for instance, if you are looking for an apartment in Charlotte, NC, ask the apartment community which internet provider they prefer or other residents prefer for that particular location. The apartment community of your interest is a great source for reviews regarding internet providers.

Following these simple tips will help you access the internet on any wireless devices throughout your whole home. No matter the size of your home or family, a faster and better internet connection is possible!

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