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Safety Tips for a Kid-Friendly Home


A home is a place to grow and a place to love, because it is the center of your family’s life. To help your family grow, is bringing you safety tips to ensure your child’s well-being within your home. Part of being a kid is falling, slipping, and tumbling, but the little things can go a long way in ensuring your kids avoid more serious injuries.

Keep a Safe Kitchen


Locks are common for preventing kitchen hazards when you have little ones running around. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn can occasionally lead them to kitchen utensils that may be hazardous.

Along with drawer locks, make sure to keep spices stashed high up and away from kids. Spices can be toxic to small children; therefore, the further away they are the better! Make sure to do this with cleaning supplies as well. Although you may have locked them away, keeping them high up will only help to ensure they can’t be reached by kids.

Tie plastic bags in a knot and hide them behind a locked door. Plastic bags can be hazardous to children; therefore, locking them away will ensure your child is safe. Tying them in a knot will prevent children from opening the plastic bags up. Other kitchen hazards include aluminum foil and plastic wrap, due to the serrated edges of the boxes. Keep these items far away from children as well.

Pots and pans are great in lower cabinets. Children enjoy using them as drum sets and such items pose minimal threat. This will also keep kids entertained enough to stay away from other cabinets and drawers.

Create a Safe Family Room


A family room can often become a play room for kids. It is common to have collisions and falls when children are playing. By creating a safe environment in a family room, you can help your children avoid serious injuries.

Once children learn to stand, they begin to enjoy the challenge of climbing onto objects, including couches and coffee tables. By anchoring top-heavy furniture with wall brackets, your furniture won’t topple over. Cushioned corner guards on tables, fireplaces, and other sharp edges can prevent injuries if your little one bumps his or her head on the corners.

By mounting a TV to the wall, you can prevent your child from playing with the TV. This can help prevent a hazard such as the falling TV, which will give you peace of mind when you’re turned away.

Block all electrical outlets with safety plugs and secure loose cords with electrical tape. This is a simple way to prevent a common and dangerous hazard. Also, block entryways to different rooms that you do not want your little one entering; this includes basements and crawlspaces as well.

Finally, create an activity center in your family room. This will keep children entertained and will prevent any running around as well as potential bumps, tumbles, and falls.

Have a Safe Bathroom

With all the playing that children do, cleaning up is a common activity. Since kids spend a lot of time in the bathroom, ensuring a safe bathroom is crucial.

By giving faucets a decorative touch with faucet covers, you can protect your child’s head from getting bumped in the tub. Along with this, add cabinet and toilet seat locks to ensure your little one doesn’t injure himself/herself. Move hazardous materials such as bathroom cleaning products to the top shelves and lock them in the cabinets. The further away you keep cleaning materials, the safer your child will be.

Before you let your kids get into the bathtub, check the water temperature with a thermometer and your hand to make sure the water isn’t too hot. A thermometer will give you a more accurate reading than your hand but feeling the water yourself will reassure you of the temperature.

Establish a Safe Outdoor Environment


Playing outdoors is one of the top favorite activities for kids. This means that protecting your kids in your yard is essential to ensuring their safety.

If you have a fence and gate, make sure to secure them to reassure your child stays in the front yard or backyard of your home. If your home does not have a fence or gate, then it is necessary to have an adult present while kids play outside. Having an adult with a watchful eye present in any situation could help prevent serious injuries; this includes going to playgrounds and parks with the kids, as some playground equipment isn’t suited for younger children.

If you have a lush garden, make sure to block certain hazardous plants, such as shrubs with thorns and roses, with chicken wire while children play outdoors. Although pleasant to look at, some flowers and shrubs can be dangerous to little kids. is your resource for each stage of your family’s growth. Making sure your child is in a safe environment while at home will help you and your family grow. What tips do you have for a safe, kid-friendly home?

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