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by Chelsea McDonnoughOctober 18, 2013

If you’re lucky enough to have a home office you know how important it is to keep it organized. An organized home office makes life a lot easier. I don’t know about you, but I find that I’m more productive when my office is neat, clean, and everything is in its place. So I gathered up some home offices that boast some great organization.
I’m a little biased toward this home office because it’s my own. I love, I repeat, love my Ikea Expedit workstation. It makes great use of the vertical space in my office. I can fit so many things into the 25 cubbies.


Look at this great cabinet to organize office supplies. I love the different shelf heights, drawers, and the cork board and chalkboard on the back of the two doors.


Oh look, another Expedit. Other than the Expedit, I love the extra wide desk and the rolling file cabinet tucked underneath it. The shelves above the desk are great for extra storage or to display personal items.


This office space definitely takes advantage of the vertical space. The open shelving, that goes to the ceiling, is perfect. Smaller items are stored inside boxes, baskets, and other containers. I also like the wall-to-wall built-in desk and how it’s divided by another shelf area.


Check out all the storage in this home office! The wrap-around desk provides plenty of surface area for projects, and tons of drawer space.


How about a two-person his and her office space? As always, I like how the vertical space is utilized with the shelves going up to the ceiling. I also love the basic color scheme in this office– aqua, white, brown, and gray/silver. It makes the space seem more streamline and less busy.


Here’s another great his and her home office space. The symmetry and consistency (same desks, lamps, shelves, cork boards, chairs) help make the office look more cohesive and organized. The cork boards behind the desks are great for keeping paper clutter off the desk.


When mapping out your home office remember to implement an organization system that will work for you. Also, remember to take advantage of the space in your office, especially the walls and under the desk.

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