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Decorating for a Rustic Christmas

Decorating your home for the holidays is half the fun when celebrating with family and friends. Why not change it up a bit this holiday season by giving your space a rustic Christmas look? Filled with dark wood pieces and natural colors, this style really creates an overall cozy atmosphere.

Below you will see a couple examples of a rustic holiday look. It’s popular to include simple and charming decor, like tree branches, wooden furniture, and green tones that create an outdoorsy, country vibe. Green wreaths hung on the walls and Christmas trees are also perfect rustic elements. A rustic Christmas theme can also be incorporated into a classic Christmas theme by using the traditional red and green decorations, in addition to utilizing wooden pieces in your decor. Great, inexpensive elements to a rustic Christmas include branches, pine cones, or a bowl of dark fruit. What do you think of the rustic look?


Rustic Christmas home decor is super easy to achieve. If you want to have a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, then this look might be for you!

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