Decorating for a Traditional Christmas

by Maria SalovaDecember 24, 2013

When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? What colors and décor pieces do you think of? More than likely, you are picturing a traditional Christmas design. During this time of year there are lots of different home décor options to get you in the Christmas spirit, but a traditional theme will always leave you feeling warm and cozy!
It’s all about red and green. Nothing represents the Christmas tradition quite like those two colors. Try to balance them out when decorating your space. Whether you opt for a real tree (which will make the house smell like Christmas, as well) or a fake one, consider using a red tree skirt or red rug to balance out the color motif. Red and white poinsettias and small spruce fir trees are a great way to bring in more color and life into your home. Consider using live or fake greenery to wrap around stair banisters and rails. Round out the color scheme with red bows or even silver garland to add a little sparkle to the design of the greenery. Also, swapping out your normal decorative pillows and throws for red, green or white versions is an easy way to add to the traditional look without having to change a lot about the space.
Dark woods go hand in hand with the traditional look, as well. If you are lucky enough to have mahogany and other dark woods in your home, a lot of the decorating has already been done for you! Use simple décor pieces to bring out the natural beauty of the dark wood and don’t try to cover it up. It will give your home the perfect warm, traditional Christmas feel.
How do you picture your home this Christmas – glam, chic, or maybe modern? Or do you picture the classics with red and green? Let everyone know – what is your perfect Christmas?

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