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Holiday Organization and Storage

It always seems as soon as you drag all the holiday decorations out, it’s time to put it all away. Don’t let holiday organization get the better of you – today I’m sharing tips and tricks for storing all of your holiday decor.

Invest in clear storage containers so you can easily see what’s inside.


Use the tops of old socks to keep wrapping paper from unraveling and creating a paper mess.


Keep your wreaths nice and neat by slipping the wreath over the neck of a coat hanger, and then cover with a plastic bag. Hang the wreath in a closet.


I used to hate putting up Christmas lights because they would always be a tangled mess. But I learned a mind blowing trick a few years ago – wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard. The lights stay in place and don’t tangle when you put them up.


Glue plastic cups onto cardboard to store smaller, delicate decorations. Whether it’s miniature pumpkins, Christmas ornaments, or Easter eggs, this method will keep items secure and organized.


I see wrapping paper as a seasonal item because you don’t use it every day or week. Unless you give everyone you know a gift for every occasion. There are tons of wrapping paper storage solutions out there but I like this one of using a garment bag because it keeps the paper organized, easily accessible – if needed for a birthday, and off the floor.


Happy holiday storage!

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