Getting Local with the USA Women’s Bobsled Team

by Maria SalovaFebruary 20, 2014

The Olympics are in full swing, and to celebrate the Winter Games in Sochi, Century 21, a proud sponsor of Team USA’s Bobsled team, and, a leading online real estate destination, wanted to bring you ‘up to speed’ on the U.S. women’s bobsled team and take a look at the real estate market in each of their hometowns. Using data from’s Local Market Index and Rebound Reports, we’ll see just how their cities are faring by taking a look at how much they have rebounded back from peak market values.

Katie Eberling

Formerly a volleyball player in college, Katie Eberling from Palos Hills, Ill. was approached by Olympic medalist and teammate Elana Meyers about trying bobsledding in 2010. While the suburbs of Chicago are not necessarily known for bobsledding, the weather certainly is cold and snowy enough to prepare an athlete for the conditions they might face on the course! If you’re into winter weather and would like to live near the big city of Chicago, the Palos Hills area is ideal – it has rebounded 21.13%, a 10.27% YOY increase in home values.

Aja Evans

Olympic bobsled brakeman Aja Evans, of Chicago, Ill., is no stranger to athleticism – her brother and cousin are professional athletes and her uncle was a former coach for the Cubs. Not only is Chicago a fantastic location if you’re interested in pro sports teams, but it’s a hub of business, education, and lifestyle activities. The city’s real estate market has rebounded 26.37% – a 9.56% YOY increase.

Jazmine Fenlator

Wayne, N.J. native Jazmine Fenlator has been involved with the sport of bobsled since 2007, but before that, she was a track star at Rider University. Her track coach encouraged her to try bobsled, and the rest is history! Living in Wayne is ideal if you like the closeness of the suburbs, but the excitement of the city – after all, NYC is a mere 20 miles away. The good news for those interested in this location: the real estate market has rebounded 22.85%, a 6.30% YOY increase.

Jamie Greubel

Known as one of the nation’s most promising women’s pilots, Jamie Greubel joined the U.S. bobsled team in the 2007-2008 season. Like several other bobsled teammates, Newtown, Pa. native Jamie formerly ran track in college and was encouraged by fellow runners to transition to the ice. Surrounded by parks and located just west of Philadelphia, Newtown provides the best of both worlds with its recreational and cultural opportunities. The real estate market has rebounded 44.60% – a 5.10% YOY increase.

Lolo Jones

Already a track and field sensation, Lolo Jones, of Des Moines, Iowa, was recruited to the bobsled team after the 2012 Olympic Games in London. While growing up in Des Moines might not have exactly prepared Lolo for the ice, her prior Olympic experience is sure to have an influence on her competitive nature! If you’re interested in living amongst a certain hard-working Olympic athlete, consider Des Moines. The city’s real estate market has rebounded a whopping 118.14%, a 5.48% YOY increase.

Elana Meyers

Elana Meyers from Douglasville, Ga., a city 20 miles west of Atlanta, began the sport of bobsled in 2007. Along the way, she has gained superstar status in bobsled while also playing professional softball. Growing up near Atlanta provides plenty of opportunities to excel in sports – from amateur to professional, this area has it all! Channel your inner Olympic athlete and consider Douglasville – the real estate market has rebounded 48.19%, a YOY increase of 13.64%.

Lauryn Williams

While Miami, Fla. isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to bobsledding, Lauryn Williams didn’t let her warm and sunny hometown prevent her from excelling in the sport. She attended her first Olympic Games in 2004 as a track and field athlete, and transitioned over to the bobsled team in 2013 to train for Sochi. Lauryn may be on to something – living in Miami does have its advantages, especially if you are trying to escape the frigid winter temperatures! If warmer weather sounds ideal, consider a move to the South – the real estate market in Miami has rebounded 22.19%, a 12.36% YOY increase.

Are you feeling inspired to consider a move to one of these athletes’ hometowns? To learn more about the real estate market in the U.S., be sure to check out the latest Local Market Index and Rebound Report. When you’re ready to begin your new home search, visit to get started!

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