How to Maximize Storage Space Under the Bed

by Chelsea McDonnoughFebruary 14, 2014

Some people forget about the storage possibilities that are already in their homes. One of those storage places is under the bed. There are tons of options for you to create under the bed storage. And better yet – ideas for every budget.

You can build drawers with wheels so you can easily store items under the bed.

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Have some old drawers laying around? If not, hit up a thrift store or garage sales. Turn those old drawers into rolling under the bed drawers by adding wheels. Spruce them up with a little paint and you’re ready to go!
Grab one of those inexpensive plastic storage drawer containers, remove the drawers, slap on some paint, and you have instant under the bed storage. Make the drawers easier to label by using chalkboard paint. This is perfect for kids’ rooms!


Save old boxes, add a little paint, and you have (almost) free under the bed storage.


Another old box idea– add some fun duct tape to jazz them up a bit. You can also add pulls with some ribbon.


Grab some old suitcases at garage sales or thrift stores, paint them (optional), add wheels (also optional). Unique under the bed storage, right?


Handy with wood and power tools? Build your own bed with under the bed storage!


Here’s another build-your-own under bed storage bed. There are tons of free building plans out there.


Not quite as handy with wood and power tools? Make a semi-homemade under the bed storage bed by using cubbie storage shelves, which are found at many big box stores.
Make your own under the bed gift wrapping station with a plastic storage container. Slide it out when you need to wrap a gift.

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