Cleaning Essentials for Spring

by Sonya BarkerApril 2, 2014

It’s that time of year again, are you ready? If you’re like me, you get a little bit excited about a fresh, clean home. What I have discovered is that most people start spring cleaning with the wrong mindset. The most important part is not the products you choose to clean with, but instead the way in which you go about your cleaning.

Cleaning Products
Sure, I do like to use some products better than others but it’s usually based off of preference. Whether you prefer natural products or fragrant cleaners, the essential part of the cleaning process is making sure you have all your supplies on hand when you start the process. This includes sponges and drying towels, too.

Cleaning Plan

Once you have all of your cleaning products and tools, you are ready to get started, right? Not so fast. Do you have a cleaning plan? It doesn’t have to be a huge list of detailed cleaning, but a plan in place to move around a room is the most essential step in Spring Cleaning!

To make your cleaning plan, sit down in a room of your home and literally start from top to bottom writing down things you want to clean. The top is the ceiling fan and light fixtures, to the bottom, the floors and rugs. The old saying “I’m cleaning this house from top to bottom” has some real merit to it! It wouldn’t be very productive to vacuum all the carpet then clean the dust off the ceiling fan, just to have it falling back onto your carpet.
Here is a great checklist you can print to get started.

Cleaning Process

Once you have your essential cleaning list, it is up to you how you plan to work from room to room. You can start and complete one room before heading to the next, which is what the above list will help with, or pick the first item on the list then go throughout your home cleaning that item before you head to the second item on the list. If you plan to do the second option, I would print a cleaning list for each room- that way, you can still check the items off as you move about your home.
Tip: Place your printed list in a page protector and you can check the items off with a dry erase maker. That way it will be reusable!

There isn’t a right or wrong way; having a plan in place will help you complete the task at hand in record time!

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