How to Update Your Home with Smart Home Technology

by Maggie StandingMay 6, 2014

As society becomes more and more tech-savvy, it only makes sense that our homes should too. Enter smart home technology! Today, homes across the country are increasingly adopting smart home technology products, saving renters and homeowners money in the long run and increasing property values. Some of those technologies include:

  • Motion detecting, Wifi compatible Smart Thermostats that not only adjust to the outside temperature, but observe habits of the home’s inhabitants and learn to schedule and adjust accordingly. Did you know that roughly 50% of the average home electric bill goes towards heating and cooling the house? Yikes! With a smart thermostat, these monthly prices can be decreased significantly.

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  • Forget pesky wires and chords! By installing whole house audio (an incredibly easy process), renters and owners can enjoy their favorite tunes from any room in the house and are also able to use iTunes® and Pandora® to play music from the speakers. Whole house audio, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, is a great option for renters, as they can install a few in spaces around the apartment or home for audio throughout your place!
  • Smart Home Automation Solution is a full-home remote control that can be accessed from an iPhone or iPad (no matter where you are) to control lights, alarms, temperatures, and more. It can be customized to connect to as many devices as desired. One of the most popular features is the automated security system, which allows homeowners/renters to make sure they’ve locked the door, check different locks around the house, and also name certain locations within the house.
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