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How to Set Up Your Garden in Your Home or Apartment

Sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of enough outdoor space to grow a garden at home. Instead, bring your garden inside with these creative ways to invite Mother Nature into your home or apartment!


Terrariums are making a big comeback! The great thing about terrariums is that you can DIY with any glass container. Terrariums can be made from glass jars, mason jars, glass bowls, and even light bulbs.



To build a terrarium, a few things are needed. The first is the glass container in which you would like to plant your mini garden. Next, you need to plant the plants, and it is usually necessary to plant the larger plant in the middle. Use soil that does not keep too much moisture in but does not dry out quickly either. Once you have placed your plants, water the plants and cover the soil with pebbles or moss. Now you just need to seal the container, make sure to keep the terrarium out of direct sunlight, and to uncover if too much condensation occurs. Enjoy your new terrarium!


Plant the traditional way by planting herbs, flowers, and other various plants in pots. You can easily buy pots at a local supermarket or nursery. If you would like to be more financially conservative, then consider buying a simple terracotta pot and decorate it as shown below, or a plastic pot. Cheaper pots can be visually appealing as long as you keep them neat and add a little creativity. The bigger the pot, the more drainage holes it needs, therefore make sure to either pick a pot that has enough holes to suit its size or drill your own extra holes. Smaller pots only need one drainage hole.


Recycled Containers

Another way you could plant indoors is by going “Green” and by recycling containers. Reuse plastic cups as shown below, or consider reusing tin cans from loose leaf teas and cans from coffee. This is another opportunity to let your creative juices flow by decorating these recycled versions of pots the same way you can decorate terracotta pots.



Balcony Gardens

If you have a balcony in your apartment, this is a great opportunity to create balcony gardens. Balcony gardens can be created in various ways with a mixture of pots, crates, and jars. Consider mixing it up as shown below.



One of the options of a garden is the palette garden that is shown up top. Palette gardens are simple as all you need to do is find a palette behind any supermarket and repair any loose boards. Once you have repaired the loose boards you can add fabric to the backside; this will prevent the dirt from damaging the wall that the palette garden will be leaning up against. Once you have that set up, add your mixture of plants including flowers, cascading plants, and herbs. Now you have a full vertical garden on your balcony! You might not have enough outdoor room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invite Mother Nature into your home. If you love gardening, then check out the Green Living section on the Homes.com blog!

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