Top Gardening Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

by Hometalk ExpertsJuly 1, 2014

1. What types of plants do you suggest planting if you intend to sell your home (which plants add the most curb appeal)?

It depends on what kind of home you are selling, price point and condition of your front yard. Are you selling “As Is” with a bargain basement price? If so, you don’t have much to do except clean up any obvious mess. If you are looking for top dollar, pay attention to the details of a nice front yard that will garner your home more attention:

  • Put your lawn in order or add a new patch of lawn with sod for instant green. Remember, lawns are plants, too.
  • Cover up eyesores like exposed foundations, utility boxes and add privacy from your neighbors with evergreen shrubs that are garden-zone friendly where you live.
  • Add lots of color with annual color bowls set out on your porch or entry. Seasonal annual plants add instant color to garden beds as well.
  • As a “finishing detail,” ALWAYS add an inch or two of mulch after planting. It makes your garden bed look a lot neater, accentuates the color of your flowers, and most of all – covers your dirt! No one wants to see your dirt!

2. Can planting trees in your yard increase your home’s value?

Mature trees are the most valuable in a landscape, followed by well placed, newly planted trees that contribute shade, ornamental value (blooms), and fruit or nuts. In general, a well designed landscape with beautiful trees will increase the value of your home.

3. What are the hottest gardening trends for summer 2014?

Gardeners are a creative and hungry bunch! Miniature container gardens continue to lead as a popular garden craft and growing your own food is huge. On the edible gardening front, gardeners are creating “Cocktail Gardens,” “Smoothie Gardens,” and even “International Cuisine Gardens” with their favorite Japanese, Indian and Thai herbs and vegetables. Also, anything that is a “vertical garden” is top on the gardening charts.

4. What is the most common mistake first-time gardeners make?

There are so many, but these are the most critical for successful gardening.

  1. Over-watering plants. New gardeners should pay attention to the plant tags and water as directed, unless you are experiencing an unexpected heat wave or drought. In that case, you should water more deeply and at the right time – early morning or sundown, so water doesn’t evaporate.
  2. Misusing “planting mix” and “potting soil.” “Planting mix” is intended for adding to the garden soil in the ground when planting new shrubs and other plants. It is heavier than potting soil and is enriched with compost, amendments and plant food. “Potting soil” is a lightweight, soilless mixture designed specifically for container gardening. Don’t use “planting mix” for your container plants, as it doesn’t offer good drainage, which may leave your plants soaked and rotting.
  3. Over-planting! New gardeners are well encouraged to read the plant tags that give proper spacing for plants. Sure, a 1-gallon privet may look cute and petite, so new gardeners buy lots of them to create a hedge. They plant them 6 inches apart for “instant” coverage and end up with a “tangled mess” or “bloated” hedge a couple of years later. Remember, plants will grow. They are like puppies. Look at their feet – in this case, the plant tag! Believe what it says.

Are you looking for a fabulous garden idea to transform the look of your whole backyard? Flowering vines are beautiful plants, are easy to grow, and are suitable for nearly every climate!s zone.

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