Holiday Home Improvement Ideas

by Hometalk ExpertsOctober 15, 2014

With the holidays coming up, guests will be traipsing throughout your home and you want it to be dressed to impress! With these helpful suggestions from the Hometalk Expert Sylvia Small Communications & Marketing’s professional clients, you’ll know just what home improvement projects to tackle, with your desired budget in mind.

1. What are the most common home improvement projects for the upcoming holidays?

This is a great time to focus on any surface improvements you want to make on your living room or dining room. It’s a good idea to focus on any entertainment rooms where guests will be spending time and give the space a little pre-holiday TLC to prepare for the crowds.

2. If you have $500, where would be the wisest place to invest it in your home this season?

According to Linda Castle at Decorated Designs, a budget of $500 should be focused on paint. “Paint is very economical and transforming,” says Linda. “It also freshens the space.”

Haley Morgan, interior designer and project consultant for MODA Floors & Interiors, says that $500 is best spent to “change out your table linens and table settings.” Make sure your space looks invigorated and refreshed for upcoming events.

3. If you have $1,500, where would be the wisest place to invest it in your home this season?

With $1,500, Linda Castle says to put away the linen pillows and replace them with velvet ones. No pastel colors, but rich warm tones instead. Throw a cozy throw on your overstuffed chairs and sofa. Get a new area rug, 9’x12′ or larger, with texture and earthy colors. Thick and plush, sisal or sea grass – new rugs transform the flavor of the room.

Haley Morgan agrees, adding that your $1,500 fabric remodel should go towards adding or changing out your draperies. She also recommends adding or changing your artwork with this type of budget.

With these helpful tips, you’re a pro host, ready to achieve your guest-friendly dream home. It only takes a few small changes and a planned budget to have your house holiday-ready. For more ideas and tips on remodeling or designing your home, follow Sylvia Small Communications & Marketing on Hometalk.

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