How to Decorate Your Porch This Fall

by Stacy RisenmayOctober 27, 2014

The leaves are turning colors, the air is crisp, and everywhere you go, everything tastes like pumpkin spice. I guess that means it really is fall! And that also means it is time to decorate your home for this autumn season. Most people think only of the inside of their home and neglect to carry it on over to their outdoor spaces. Today, let’s talk about some ideas of how to decorate your porch to add curb appeal this fall.
I think why some people chose not to decorate for fall is that they think they don’t know how to pull it together. It doesn’t need to be complicated, your porch can be super simple. Buy a few inexpensive mums at the store and add some pumpkins. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Even just some different colored pumpkins, gourds, and other squash could be all you really need.
I love the look of ornamental cabbage (or flowering kale) especially when paired with pumpkins. I added these to their own small pots but you can also throw them in a larger pot with some mums and even a few smaller pumpkins.
See how great they look grouped together in a larger pot?
If you have stairs that are wide enough to add decoration without taking up valuable walking room, carry the decoration on down! Placing the ornamental cabbage on the steps gives more impact.
Play around with adding height. Straw and hay bales are perfect for fall. So are crates. I got this old apple crate from an orchard nearby for $5. You could even stack multiple crates and get a bigger bale of hay if your porch is bigger/taller and you need to fill more space.
Aside from mums and ornamental cabbage, other plants that do well in the cooler weather are pansies, some ornamental grasses, sunflowers, cilantro, and parsley. Gather metal buckets, barrels, tree stumps, corn stalks, Indian corn, fall leaves, tree branches, or even make your own scarecrow.
The possibilities are endless! And there is no wrong way to do it. Use what you have on hand and it won’t cost you a thing. Or pick up a few inexpensive items from the store for an inexpensive fall porch. Most people won’t ever see the inside of your home, but think of how many people drive or walk by your home every day.
What are your favorite ways to decorate for fall?

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