Decorating with Blue and White

by Karianne WoodApril 22, 2015

decorating with blue and white
There are color schemes and patterns that come and go. We change our colors like we change our hair color – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the…ummm…what was I thinking. The experts proclaim a new color, and it catches our eye. One year it’s purple, and the next year it’s brown and orange and the year after that – yellow and turquoise. But then a classic comes along – a go-to color combination that never fails to make us smile. And one color combination that has stood the test of time… is blue and white.

Here’s some ideas for introducing a little tried and true blue and white into your home.


There are so many beautiful fabric patterns in blue and white. Fabric choices range from a simple blue ticking to an intricate over-all floral. You can also easily mix and match patterns.

Why not start with a brilliant blue curtain in a floral? Then add a blue fabric with texture for pillows and a rich cabana stripe in an upholstered fabric. Choosing the simplicity of blue and white makes mixing and matching easy and fun.

Add in a contrasting color

Why not enhance the blue and white color scheme with the addition of a contrasting color?

Yellow is an excellent design choice when matched with whites and blues. In this farmhouse bedroom, a yellow duvet cover pairs beautifully with classic blue and white fabrics.

Keeping the floors and furniture neutral also helps to truly showcase the color combination.


blue and white accessories
Sometimes making fabric choices can be a little overwhelming and an investment. You don’t have to marry a color. Why not start dating blue and white with simple accessories?

Blue and white dishes and glasses are readily available at estate sales and thrift stores.  Add a little fun into your decor with bright patterns and colors by choosing blue and white for your next countertop display.

Pattern play

Here’s an example of mixing patterns. In this picture, four different blue and white patterns are combined to create a warm and welcoming room.

Start with a large overall pattern on the curtains. Add in a small checked pattern in the upholstered chair. Finish off the room with a striped fabric and a whimsical coral pattern with the pillows.

All blue and and all white. All the time.

P.S. This post was enthusiastically brought to you by the color blue and the color white.

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