Ways to Show Appreciation to Mom on Mother’s Day

by Dusty RogersMay 5, 2015

She’s Mom. The maker of beds, favorite comfort foods, and magical zoo castles out of popsicle sticks and glue. With Mother’s Day approaching, we’re all thinking about ways we can show our appreciation to the moms in our lives, and I have to say – in my five years of mom experience – it’s often the inexpensive gifts that are the most meaningful. Here are a few simple, yet memorable, ways to show your love for mom this Mother’s Day.

Take a picture.

The only gift I truly want each Mother’s Day is a picture my daughter and me together. As a mom, I’m usually the one behind the camera, capturing our family’s favorite memories. I have thousands of photos of my daughter Kate, hundreds of her and my husband together, and only a handful of the two of us. Mother’s Day is my reminder to get out from behind the camera and get a picture with my little girl. When is the last time you took a picture with just you and your mom? Or took the camera out of your wife’s hands and said, “Get in the shot with the kids?” Mother’s Day is the perfect time! It only takes a moment to give this gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Interview your children about their mom.

If you have young children, this is a gift that is sure to bring both tears to her eyes and fill the room with laughter! Last year my husband interviewed our then four-year-old, asking her a variety of questions about me. He then created a digital memory book filled with pictures of our family and Kate’s responses to his questions. Each flip of the page was filled with wonderful memories as I looked through the pictures and savored this look at myself as a mom through the eyes of daughter. It was the most beautiful Mother’s Day gift I’d ever received.
Below are the interview questions my husband used, but feel free to get creative and add your own!

Mother’s Day Interview

  • What is Mommy’s middle name?
  • What advice would you give Mommy?
  • How tall is Mommy?
  • What is Mommy’s favorite TV show?
  • What time does Mom wake up in the morning?
  • Who are Mommy’s friends?
  • What is Mommy’s shoe size? (My daughter answered, “Boots.”)
  • What does Mommy do for a living (what is her job)?
  • What do you like best about Mommy?
  • What is Mommy’s favorite thing to do?
  • What is Mommy’s favorite color?
  • What is Mommy’s favorite song?
  • Is there anything you want to tell Mommy on Mother’s Day?

Short on time? Skip the digital book and simply type these questions and your child’s responses on paper, print it out and let your little one decorate it. It’s their thoughts and ideas that are the true gift and will be treasured forever.

Make a Mom Appreciation Jar.

For older (and grown up) children, a wonderful way to show Mom how much you care is to give her an appreciation jar. A similar concept to this Happy Birthday Jar, a Mom Appreciation Jar is a low-cost (or no cost) way to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day. To make, simply write down or type up things you love and appreciate about your mom. This could be qualities she possesses, the helpful and thoughtful things she does, or your favorite memories of her. Cut out each item so it is on its own piece of paper, fold it up, and place it in a jar. She will love unfolding and reading these loving words on Mother’s Day and for years to come.

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