April Videos: DIY Doormat, Pet Feeding Station, and More!

by Vinny NegronMay 1, 2015

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Homes.com April DIY Videos Round Up

On this edition of the Homes.com video round-up, we take a look some of the great DIY videos that we’ve posted on our YouTube page! Learn how to make your own doormat, create a hidden pet feeding station, get your home ready for spring, and learn to install a new door lock to enhance the security of your home.

DIY Doormat

Who doesn’t love a little personalization in their home? Use this guide to create an industrial looking doormat, on the cheap!

Spring Vent Cleaning

Get ready for the warmer weather this spring, and get those air vents cleaned out with this great guide. You should be cleaning those vents at least once a year.

Hidden Pet Feeding Station

Keep your dog’s bowls out of the way and make your life (and home!) more organized.  Customize a side table to create a stylish, hidden pet feeding station.

Touchscreen Deadbolt

Enhance the security and safety of your home with this video demonstration on installing a Schlage touch screen deadbolt.

Stay tuned for more great DIY videos!

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