DIY Patriotic Burlap Flag

by Karianne WoodJune 15, 2015

I’m not sure about you, but the Fourth of July is all about sparklers, fireworks, picnics, cookouts, flags, Betsy Ross, birth of our country… and burlap.

Yep. Burlap. Nothing says, “Happy Birthday, America” like burlap, especially when it’s a burlap flag with red and blue and stars and stripes.

Here’s an easy Fourth of July project you can make in an afternoon.

Step 1: Cut.

You want to cut out a rectangle of burlap that measures approximately 36″ x 24″.
You can hem it (or simply iron the edges flat), and secure with iron-on tape.  If so, you will need to allow for a two inch seam allowance. Iron flat and trim off excess burlap. You can also simple just cut and fray the edges.

Here’s the reverse side of the flag where you can see the stitching.
Make sure you iron the burlap before you paint it to make sure the paint will go on smoothly.

Step 3: Paint a blue square in upper left corner.

Mask off a square in the upper left corner using painter’s tape. Make sure the edges of the tape are flat on the burlap, and use blue acrylic paint to fill in the square. After you paint, immediately remove the tape. Let dry.

Step 4: Add stripes.

Starting at the edge of the burlap, create the rows of stripes with alternating rows of two pieces of painter’s tape. In the burlap areas not covered by paint, add red acrylic paint. After you paint, immediately remove the tape. Let dry.

Step 5: Paint the star.

Draw a star on a piece of paper, and cut out of the paper leaving the outline. Tape off outline of star and paint with white acrylic paint. After you paint, immediately remove the tape. Let dry.

Add an old barn and a cookout, and celebrate the Fourth in style.

Happy Birthday America!

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