The 9 Coolest Dads on Social Media

by Christine DemosJune 17, 2015

Dad Is Up to His Old Tricks Again…

When it comes to parenting, mommy bloggers get the lion’s share of the attention. Now, of course, we’re not saying they don’t absolutely deserve it. We all know there are some truly ingenious moms on social media these days.

But Father’s Day is coming up quickly, so we thought we’d take a moment to salute the coolest dads on social media. Want to up your game when it comes to fatherhood? These dads are the guys you should turn to for inspiration, next time you’re online and looking to be entertained.


Have you seen Batdad’s videos yet? In a word, they’re hilarious. Featuring his long-suffering and good-natured wife and two ridiculously cute kids, Batdad’s videos highlight the funniest parts of parenting, as the dad dresses in costume as the Caped Crusader. Batdad’s Christian Bale impersonation may not be spot-on, but it’s all about the jokes and the timing. Each video is a bite-sized, Vine-friendly slice of life sure to make you crack a smile (or wet the bed!).

Lunchbox Dad

When we were kids, we were lucky to have a cool lunchbox with a matching thermos. Lunchbox Dad has taken the school lunch game to a whole new level. His creative, handmade lunches feature fun characters that will make lunchtime the most exciting part of the day for any kid. Past entrees include Storm Trooper tortilla bites, the Big Hero bento box, and the Finding Nemo special. Seriously: make your kids’ lunches look like these, and they’ll eat anything you ever put in front of them.


Bottlerocket is a man of many talents. On his Vine account, he’s listed as a husband, gamer, and baller, but his videos reveal that he’s also quite the comedian. His clips are so relatable to any father of young kids who has ever found himself wondering when he’ll actually feel like a legitimate adult. There’s plenty of hilariously “bad” parenting, but seriously, a few swear words on the car stereo during the drive to school never hurt anyone. There are even a few cameo appearances from Batdad.

Charlie Capen and Andy Herald

You’ve probably heard of these fellas. Their website, features a wide array of funny and entertaining links and posts, including the ever-popular My Wife Just Said, Bad Product Ideas, and Zombie vs Baby. But for all the fun and games, How to Be a Dad also veers into unflinchingly honest, heartfelt territory. For those dads who are going through the process of parenting together or apart, it’s a must read.

Justin Connors

We know… there are plenty of pictures of babies and food on the Internet. But as Justin Connors’ Instagram account clearly illustrates, the man has a gift. It’s not all mini-people and delicious grub; there are rock show pics, coffee-centric shots, and plenty of Star Wars and Lego pics. The only discernible theme is that they’re all great shots, succinctly framed and wonderful to look at. His twitter following is impressive also!


ModernHouseDad proves you don’t have to lose your sense of style when you become a father. The feed is filled with cool pictures, funny h3tes, solid parenting advice, and an impressive amount of genuine wit and insight. Oh, and mustaches. And hats… lots and lots of hats.

8 Bit Dad

Geeky, hilarious, and all-around awesome, 8 Bit Dad is the perfect blog for dads who refuse to believe that fatherhood and video games are mutually exclusive. The website features cool product reviews, tips on gaming with youngsters and taking kids to Comic-Con, great video clips, and nostalgic paeans to junk foods gone by. In addition to the website and Twitter feed, there’s a must-binge podcast. If you’re a dad who came of age in the era of Excitebike and F-Zero, then this man is definitely in your tribe.

Taking Your Dad-Ness to the Internet

The internet has created a world where all of us have the chance to tell our stories, and these fun and quirky dads are certainly storytellers deluxe. So next time you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, or you’ve just had a terrible experience at work, tune in to one of these hilarious dads and you’ll be feeling better in no time at all.

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