Home Lighting 101: Brightening Up or Setting the Mood

by Bobbie PrestonJuly 23, 2015

We all want our homes to look amazing, and choosing the right lighting is a big part of accomplishing that seemingly simple goal. Fortunately, achieving great lighting doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Check out these easy and affordable home lighting tips to make your house look even more beautiful than it already is.

Showcase Your Home’s Best Features

If your home is like most, there are certain design aspects you’re especially pleased with, and perhaps a few others you’d rather not draw attention to. By spotlighting aesthetically pleasing architectural flourishes, choice pieces of furniture, and tasteful artwork, you can direct attention to the parts of your home that are most appealing, and draw it away from spaces that still need a bit of work.

Spotlight kits are available from just about all the major home improvement stores. If you’re not comfortable installing them yourself, you can always hire a local electrician to help you complete the job.

With Home Lighting, Variety Is Key

For the best lighting effect, you’ll want to place lamps and fixtures in a variety of locations around the home. Overhead fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting, and spotlights should be used in concert to provide variety and visual interest throughout. Strive to have light sources at multiple levels, and your home will be a much more pleasurable place to spend time in.

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Avoid Lighting Fatigue

If you’re researching lighting, then you may have come across the term “lighting fatigue.” What is it? Basically, it’s when all of the light in a room comes from a single level, and all shadows are eliminated. Grocery stores are getting better at eliminating lighting fatigue, but if you remember how they all used to be lit by glaring, overhead fluorescents, then you have a pretty good idea of what lighting fatigue is.

Lighting fatigue can actually cause health problems, too, and it’s definitely not the look you want for your home. Again, if you strive for variety and eliminate glare, over-illumination shouldn’t be an issue.

Choose Home Lighting Fixtures Wisely

Too often, homeowners choose fixtures based solely on their own merits, without taking time to consider how they’ll look when installed, and in what rooms they’ll end up. That massive chandelier might look positively dreamy when it’s hanging in the showroom, but how will it affect the lighting situation in your living room?

Always be sure to consider the space you’re trying to light when choosing fixtures, and you’ll be way ahead of the game.

The Magic of Dimmers

Dimmer switches control the amount of electrical current sent to a light fixture, allowing a high level of control over the lighting in any room. Dimmer switches can help you reduce your electricity bill, and be more eco-friendly, but their biggest advantage is their capacity to add instant romance to any setting.

Best of all, installing dimmers is an easy, inexpensive DIY project that you can easily handle on your own. Just make sure to watch a couple of online tutorials on how it’s done, and never, ever attempt to change switches without first making sure the electricity is turned off at the switch.

What a Difference a Shade Can Make

If you have outdated lamps in your home, you might be considering donating them to your local charity. But before you do that, consider sprucing them up with new lampshades. When selecting a new lampshade, take the lamp along to make sure you’re making a good choice. It’s also a good idea to arm yourself with a wall color swatch and a naturally lit photo of the room, just to be sure your new lampshade will gel with the rest of your interior.

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Light Up Your Life

Better lighting can make your home look more stylish, brighten your mood, and even make you feel better about yourself when looking in the mirror, so its important to get it right. We hope these affordable lighting tips help you light up your living space beautifully. And if you’ve come up with a few lighting tricks of your own, be sure to share them with the rest of us below!

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