Grow Your Own Living Herb Wreath

by Karianne WoodAugust 4, 2015

Have you ever tried growing your own herbs before? I have. And I couldn’t believe how easy it was.
Here’s what my herb garden looked like on my kitchen counter a year ago. Tiny galvanized pots full of herb seedlings with chalkboard scrabble tile markers. Practicality and functionality all rolled into one project. But I wanted to try something a little different with my herb collection. Something different. Something new.

So I grew my own living herb wreath. Amazing. I know…right?
Here it is in all its glory. My very own living herb wreath and it only took me an afternoon. Want to make your own?

All you need to get started is a wreath form like this.
I bought it at my local garden store, but you can find them online. It has a removable back that’s designed to create a wreath that holds plants and dirt and moss in a three-dimensional shape.

You will also need moss and florist wire and herbs (I used thyme and oregano and rosemary).
First you want to remove the back of the wreath and add a layer of moss to the bottom of the wreath (which is actually the front). This is your base to retain moisture and provide a base for your herbs to grow. Most websites recommended using sphagnum peat moss.
Continue adding the moss until you have completely loosely filled the wreath form. Replace back of wreath form and soak moss. Once you have layered your moss, replace the back on the wreath. Soak the moss to make sure it is ready for planting the herbs.
Next you want to plant your herbs. Line up the plants around the edges of the wreath so that they are spaced evenly. I used eight containers of creeping herbs: two rosemary, three thyme, and three oregano.

I inserted the herb from the container with the dirt ball still attached into the hole in the moss and then tucked extra moss around it to hold it in place.I used floral wire to “train” some of the creepers on individual plants. Eventually the herbs should grow and fill in and completely cover the wreath.
I love how this project turned out and that it’s eco-friendly. I loved the herb pots, but the wreath is fun way to go green in style.

Changing the world… one living herb wreath at a time.

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