How to Host a Block Party in Your Neighborhood

by Jackie FogartieAugust 12, 2015

With summer coming to a close (say it ain’t so!), it’s the perfect time to socialize with your neighbors and have a neighborhood block party! With the perfect activities and snacks, an awesome block party can be organized in no time!


  • Committee: If you are organizing a block party, gather a handful of neighbors to act as your “committee.” Create a shared document (like a Google Doc) where you can post recipes and any party tasks that need to be completed.
  • Home Base: Also, depending on how large your neighborhood is, designate a “Home base” for all your food, drinks, activities and music. Perhaps it’s a coldasac or a common community park area – just somewhere where neighbors can congregate.
  • Marketing: Doesn’t it always come down to marketing?! For a neighborhood block party, there’s no need to get fancy. Go old school with flyers in the mailboxes or set up a social media page with all the pertinent information.

Games and Activities:

Provide simple outdoor games and/or activities for kids like hopscotch sketched with chalk or four square. Using duct tape on the ground is a simple way to create a four square board.
Another fun activity perfect for a summer night is an outdoor movie. Project a movie on a big projector screen, a garage door or even a white sheet.


Room temperature foods like this Tex-Mex Caviar are ideal for any block party buffet. Check out this Farewell Summer Party for a fun food setup with hot dogs and hamburgers.


No party complete without some adult beverages! Try these twists on margaritas or a fruity Strawberry Moscow Mule to sip while socializing!
There’s no better way to say goodbye to summer than in the company of your own ‘hood!

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