Not-So-Spooky Halloween Decor

by Karianne WoodSeptember 29, 2015

It’s a fact. I like my Halloween a little bit un-spooky. Now don’t get me wrong. I like a boo, an eek or a yikes as much as the next person. A little bit of scare is fine with me. A few spiders, a creepy bat and some spider webs draped here and there, and I’m all set.

If you like a little bit of the un-spooky, too, here’s a few project ideas to get you started.

Spider Web Doormat

To make this project, you will need a plain doormat you can paint on, a ruler and a permanent black marker. To begin, draw straight lines with a ruler from the corner of the mat to create web lines. Next, draw the curves of the web, and draw a spider dangling down from one of the webs. Booooooo!

Spiderweb Table Runner

To make this table runner, you’ll need a piece of burlap or drop cloth cut to fit your table and a permanent marker. Begin by drawing 12-14 lines coming out from a center point. This is the beginning of your web.

Next, connect the lines to create the web pattern. Repeat steps to create 6-7 webs across the runner. You can also add spiders hanging down from the center of the web. Eeek!

Painted Pumpkins

Add a little almost spooky to your decor with this painted pumpkin project. Begin with craft pumpkins and draw the outline of a spider or bug or polka dots on the pumpkin with pencil. Next, fill in the outline with black paint and let dry. Yiiiiiikes!

Front Door Decor

Create a little scary at your front door with spray painted branches tucked into an urn or container. Add some black and orange pumpkins, a few spiders and a black crow lantern. Then finish off the look with a black vinyl spider web by your front door. Eeeeeeeeek!

May your Halloween be full of spiders and bats and pumpkins and crows. And a little boo every now and then. Happy Halloween!

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