DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

by Jackie FogartieJanuary 14, 2016

Valentines Day is right around the corner and the pressure is on to give that perfect gift, plan that amazing date and get those romantic vibes going! I’ve taken the pressure off of gift giving with these three simple DIY gift ideas that can be used for anyone you love in your life!

Valentine’s Day Mini-Party in a Box

This gift is perfect for a friend, romantic partner or just about anyone! Combine a cute box with a split of Champagne or Rose Wine (preferably something pink!), stylish striped straws, heart confetti and festive cocktail napkins. You’ll have an instant party and a gift anyone would love to receive!

Love Coupons

These are targeted more for a romantic relationship, but they can work for a child to give to a parent or between siblings, friends, etc. This idea requires only creativity and a cute presentation! Find cute envelopes or festive cards at a craft store and write a different “coupon” for each. Tie the stack with a ribbon and let the gift receiver redeem at any time they choose! Some creative coupon ideas:

  • Free massage or foot rub
  • 1 home cooked meal
  • Clean up the dishes after diner
  • 1 coupon to pick the TV show or movie that night

Baking Kit

If your partner, child, or friend loves to bake, give them a Valentine’s Day baking kit! Include a box of brownie mix, spatula, sprinkles, cookie cutter and any other type of non-perishable baking item of your choosing. Package in a cute box or bag with a festive ribbon. Who knows, you may get a free brownie out of it!

Take the pressure off and be creative with these personalized, low-cost DIY gift ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year!

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