Trevor’s Travels: Philadelphia, PA

by TrevorFebruary 5, 2016

It’s the land of the Liberty Bell; it’s the place the Declaration of Independence was signed; and it was where the U.S. Constitution was penned. Philadelphia is living history, home to about 1.5 million people, birthplace of the Philly cheesesteak, and a haven for history buffs, hipsters, artists, and cool people in general. The City of Brotherly Love, the second largest city in the Northeast, is one of the country’s most interesting.

Visiting Philly is fantastic because there’s so much to do; the city is always evolving, so there’s always something new when I come to town. Certainly, first-time visitors and new residents should check out the classic historic sites (like Independence Hall) and museums (like the Philadelphia Art Museum or the Franklin Institute), but if you’re looking for something fresh, head to The Barnes Foundation, home to a huge Impressionist and Modernist masters’ collection.

Video created by: Operated by Visit Philly, Uwishunu is Philadelphia’s official travel blog.
Uwishunu 101 covers 101 things that locals wish others (travelers or locals) knew about Philly. In this video,
The Barnes Foundation arts and aesthetics instructor, John Gatti reveals what he wishes others knew about the
foundation museum as well as the beautiful Barnes Arboretum located at the former museum site.

Another must-see in Philly is the recently updated Delaware River Harbor waterfront area known as Spruce Street Harbor Park. The boardwalk has an arcade, a hammock forest for kicking back, a beer garden, a floating restaurant, a bocce court, and more. It’s as if a child’s imagination and an adult’s innovation came together for this outdoor Philadelphia fantasyland.

Video created by: Skout Media is a small, Philadelphia-based web and video content production company.
They specialize in work with clients of all sizes and types (large and small companies, nonprofits, etc.).
As a Philadelphia-based entity the innovators at Skout Media (Vanessa Braxton-Veloski, Tara Gordon,
and Joanna Leigh Simon) are ideal authorities on what’s happening in Philadelphia.

Last, but not least, the Philadelphia food scene is something I dive into when I’m here. While there’s definitely a huge selection of high-quality restaurants pioneered by celebrated, award-winning chefs like Jose Garcias, Marc Vetri, and Stephen Starr, I’m craving the quirky international food scene the most. When I’m ready for the food this city is most famous for, I don’t eat a big breakfast and go straight for a Philly cheesesteak. A great place to start is the can’t-be-beat James Beard award-winner at John’s Roast Pork

About the Author: Madeleine Yastrow is the former Associate Producer for “America’s Best Bites” on the Cooking Channel
hosted by Natalie Forte. Madeleine identifies herself as a professional producer of events and food.
Her coverage of John’s Roast Pork in Philadelphia runs just under four minutes,
and it is animated, entertaining, and informative.

Over a century old, the Reading Terminal Market is a wonderland for foodies with wanderlust. You can literally experience a taste tour around the world in one place. There’s Chinese, BBQ, Cajun, and even Amish cuisine (which are two words you don’t see together often). You can also pick up unique home finds, cookbooks and more to both inspire your own home cooking and to remember your time in Philly.

Philadelphia is the kind of big city that feels intimate despite its substantial size. You feel connected to it instantly. In fact, there’s so much I didn’t mention, you tell me, what are the ties that bind you to Philly?

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