Trevor’s Travels: Phoenix, AZ

by TrevorApril 8, 2016

In the 1930s, metro Phoenix received its nickname, Valley of the Sun, solely to attract tourists but they should’ve called it the Valley of Fun because it felt like that’s all there was to do in Phoenix – have fun! Many agree Phoenix is a wonderful place to be as it’s the sixth largest city in the U.S. with over 1.4 million residents.

Painted mountain and desert scenery as seen at South Mountain Park and the Phoenix Mountain Preserve were perfect for hiking, camping, and biking. There was also its fusion and Southwestern food scene. Yet, Phoenix offers more than Southwestern cuisine; the pizza here was declared some of the best in the nation by both the New York Times and by Bon Appetite), So, it’s easy to see why Phoenix is such an attractive place to visit and to live.

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One of the best things about Phoenix that I don’t think gets nearly enough attention is the diverse museum and culture scene. Phoenix is characterized by a passionate devotion to heritage, history and the arts that’s as inspired as the natural splendor that surrounds the great city.

Among the many museums in Phoenix, one of my favorites when I visited was the globally unique Musical Instrument Museum. Opened in 2010, this museum features over 6,000 musical instruments from over 200 countries; one fascinating exhibit also included a unique display of found art instruments. This interactive museum was both educational and entertaining for my entire family and we visit almost every time we fly into Sky Harbor Airport.

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Another museum that we loved to visit was the Heard Museum. It allowed me to explore my family’s Native American roots through contemporary art, voices, and culture. This internationally recognized bastion for Native American culture didn’t entertain our toddler quite the way MIM does; however, we balanced things out with a visit to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and even found time to stop by the Great Arizona Puppet Theater. No matter where we ended up, we always had a great time.

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There’s just so much to do in Phoenix that this barely scratches the surface. These are some of the things that I find brings smiles to faces, but what about you? What’s on your Phoenix favorites list?

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