Ask Anna: 3 Ways To Keep A Kid’s Room Organized

by Anna MoseleyMay 20, 2016

Anna Moseley of Ask Anna is back with the third installment of her organization series! Anna has been writing and sharing tips on her blog for years about ways to be more organized in her home, and we are so excited to read her latest tips here.

One of the hardest things for me as a mom has been trying to wrap my brain around the fact that my daughter isn’t as clean and organized as I am–shocking, I know. She is super creative and therefore thinks better when everything is laid out in front of her, which has been a constant battle for the last couple years. I am learning to embrace the way her mind works, but I’m not giving up hope that someday she might also be clean and organized. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who deals with this, which is why today, I’m going to share three ways that I have set her up for success by making it easy on her and organizing her space in a way that works for both of us.

1. Closet Organization

I have always been a fan of keeping the closet door closed, but what I have quickly learned with kids is that if the closet door is always closed than it could be hiding a huge pile of clutter. When we moved into our house I removed the doors from my daughter’s closet and installed a closet organization system.
A little girl's closet
The closet system has been so helpful as most of the clothing racks are at her level, so she can hang up her own laundry. There is also a ton of storage for all her stuffed animals, Barbies and baby dolls.

2. Dresser Organization

For the sake of your time and sanity, it’s really important to teach kids at a young age to put away their own clothes. It’s definitely not my daughter’s favorite thing to do, but by organizing her drawers with inexpensive drawer organizers from IKEA, I have made it really easy for her to know where everything goes when she puts her clothes away.
A drawer of children's clothes
This way she can never use the excuse “I didn’t know where it went” because her drawers are well organized, setting her up for success, and teaching her an important life lesson.

3. Toy Organization

Toy organization should be the same as clothes organization–set your kids up for success by making it very clear where things go. For my daughter’s small toys I used the same inexpensive drawer organizers from IKEA and organized her toys in one of the lower armoire drawers.
Drawer of Kids Toys
I’ll be honest… it doesn’t always look this organized,but as long as the toys are in the drawer and generally in the right place, I let her get away with it. It’s important to remember that their version of organization might not look as good as yours, but the more you praise them for doing it themselves, the better they will get at it and the more confident they will be.

My daughter is also really into Legos (which moms, you know that’s a great and terrible thing). If it were up to me, I would have all the Legos organized neatly in individual bins and sorted by color, but my daughter is an artist so organizing them in that way doesn’t make sense to her. What we finally compromised on was a bench with fabric storage boxes, where she could simply dump all the Legos into them when she’s done with them.

I’ll be honest –this totally stresses me out, but the important thing is that it works well for her, and it keeps her room organized, which is a win for both of us!
In short, the secret to keeping a kid’s space organized isn’t really a secret, it’s just a matter of making sure you set them up for success by providing lots of easy-to-use and functional organization. Teach them how to put things away in the right places, then empower them to do it themselves and praise them when they give it their best! It won’t always be perfect but be consistent and before you know it they’ll be helping you organize other things around the house too!

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