Just Because You Didn’t Sell the House This Summer Doesn’t Mean It Won’t Sell

by Carson BuckAugust 22, 2016

Do You Have the Summertime Blues?

Summer is a great season for selling homes. The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, and the home shoppers come out in droves. But the season is quickly drawing to a close. If you’ve had your home listed all summer and haven’t had any takers, then you’re probably more than a little frustrated.

So why didn’t your home sell this summer? It could be any number of reasons, or a combination of several. Don’t get discouraged! We have some tips that should help make your listing more enticing to potential homebuyers this fall and winter.
selling home revive a stale lisiting

Get Ready for Your Close-up

First things first: take another look at the photos on your real estate listing. You get used to the way your own home looks, but how might those photos look to a potential buyer? Are they well lit? Does your home look clean, inviting, and ready for a fresh start?

It’s difficult, but be objective, and don’t hesitate to ask a friend or your real estate agent for their unvarnished opinion. When it comes to moving a residential property, the photos make a world of difference.

Dress for the Season

You wouldn’t wear a parka on a summer day, so why would you list your home alongside pictures from last winter? Your photos should be seasonally appropriate, otherwise the lighting won’t look right, and if there are seasonal decorations shown in the listing, it’ll look stale.

New = Exciting

Opinions vary on removing one’s listing from the market and re-listing it. Still, if you have the time to take a break from the market, reintroducing your listing after a hiatus can bring back the novelty factor when the thrill is gone.

You’ll want to check your local laws to see how long you need to stay off the market for your listing to be considered “new” again. If you accompany the new listing with new photos and a well-written listing blurb, buyers might take another look at your home, even if they’ve seen it before.

Staging Is Everything

We’re sure you have excellent taste in décor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your style is the best look for your home when you’re trying to sell. You may want to consider having your home professionally staged. Fashion is fickle, but it can help you sell your home in any season. If you’re going to stage your home yourself, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure it’s clean as a whistle
  • Put your personal mementos and photos in storage
  • Ditto for pet supplies and children’s toys
  • Get rid of any lingering odors
  • Don’t cook anything with a strong smell
  • When it comes to décor and repainting, go for styles and colors with mass appeal

selling home revive a stale lisiting

Aim High, But Don’t Overshoot the Mark

Pricing a home correctly can be tricky. If your home is still on the market after a busy summer selling season, then there’s a significant chance that you priced it a bit too high.

It’s easy to do – you’re biased, and you want to get every penny that you can. You might be tempted to put a pie-in-the-sky price on your listing and hope for a miracle.

But pricing your home too high can actually work against you in the long run. Sure, you might luck out and get that one buyer who just loves your house and won’t settle for anything else, but if not, you’ll have a tough time selling.

The longer your home sits on the market, the more it loses its luster for potential buyers. Home shoppers can only see the same pictures a few times before they get bored of them, and when that happens, they’ll start to tune your listing out.

Before long, you’ll have what’s called a “stale listing.” Buyers will assume that because your home has been on the market for an extended stint, there might be something wrong with your property. In the end, you may have to reduce your price below market value. So much for aiming high!

Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

If you need help with pricing, staging it for sale, juicing your listing, or anything else related to selling your home, consider hiring a great real estate agent. Look for someone with a solid reputation who makes you feel at ease, and make sure they have experience selling properties similar to yours.

Yes, you’ll have to pay a commission, but this is one of the biggest sales you’ll ever make, so it pays to have a professional in your corner.


If you follow these tips, then your home should sell in short order. And whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or both, we at Homes.com would love to help you out. Get in touch with us today.

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