4 Home Office Makeover Hacks You’ll Love This Season

by Alex ThatcherOctober 7, 2016

Put Your Home Office to Work for You

Fall is coming. You can smell the drying leaves on the air and feel the chill in the evenings. If you are one of the 3.7 million American workers that Global Workplace Analytics says work from home at least part time, then you may be begrudgingly planning to move your home office back inside after a summer of working on the patio.

If your home office lacks some of the creature comforts that you’d like to rely on in a workplace, or if it comes with a heap of distractions and other challenges, then it may be time to give that space a makeover. Here are four simple home office makeover acts to get you headed down the right path toward enjoying the telecommute for more than the obvious reasons.

home office hacks productivity comfort

1 – For Better Posture and Comfort, Replace Your Office Chair

According to the good doctors over at Spine-Health, your office chair may be working against you, undermining your productivity and well-being by failing to support you in your work. Do your back and your productivity a favor by trading in your dumpy office chair for an ergonomically designed one that improves your posture and provides you with comfort.

2 –Blinded by the Light or the Lack of It

Many home offices are set up in otherwise unused spaces. Favorite locations include under the stairs and the basement. But, many of these spaces aren’t naturally well lit and that can be either good or bad. According to a recent article, one of the best ways to reduce computer eyestrain is to reduce the amount of ambient light in the room, and to decrease the harshness of the artificial light in the room.

But if you’re not working on a computer, then the opposite applies. Try to get as much natural and ambient light into your home office workspace as possible. If your windows send light the wrong direction, use mirrors to reflect it. And, if you have to resort to adding additional lamps or fixtures, opt for full spectrum lighting to illuminate what you’re working on.

home office hacks productivity comfort

3 – Exchange Office Organization for Kitchen Organization

When looking to organize a cubicle, workers are often left with the cheapest desk organizers that whomever purchases office supplies for the company could find. Your home office shouldn’t be limited in this same way. Take a trip to your local kitchen supply store and use clear glass containers for office supplies, small shelving for small devices, and hook solutions for cords and lanyards.

4 – Put in a Brainstorming Wall or Board

You may wish to keep everything neat and organized in an office journal, or on your laptop, but there are times when it takes working in a big disorganized manner to truly step outside the proverbial box. Get a white board, or buy a can of whiteboard paint to convert an entire wall of your home office into a brainstorming tool.

It Can be Better, Smarter…

Now that you’re working from home, no matter if it’s part-time or full-time, you deserve the kind of home office that makes you more productive. These four quick hacks should get you moving in the right direction.

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