5 Things You’ll Learn by Moving Across the Country

by Carson BuckOctober 14, 2016

From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Islands…

If you are planning a move across the country, you probably know some of what you’re up against when it comes to pulling off the move, as well as what you may be able to expect in your new environs.

As a former Secretary of the Defense once said, “There are known known’s… There are known unknowns… But there are also unknown unknowns.” To help you a bit with the unknown unknowns, we’ve put together a quick list of five common lessons reported by those who’ve taken the leap before you.
lessons from moving across the country

1 – You Will Learn What Things Are Important

Part of moving cross-country is the expense; that is, unless you are fabulously wealthy, or your employer (or someone else) is paying for your move. You will have to make some hard decisions about what to bring, what to sell, and what to store for potential shipping later. There’s nothing like a truck or trailer that’s just a little too small to fit everything you own to force you to learn what things are truly important in your life.

2 – You Will Have to Leave Your Comfort Zone(s)

Part of moving cross-country involves leaving your comfort zone. You will not know many (if any) people, and you will not have access to your favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, book stores, clothing stores, etc. So, unless you are following a group of old friends to a new city, and unless you consistently shop and dine with national chains, you will have to force yourself out into your new environment to find new favorites, new friends, and more.

3 – Everyone Talks, Acts, Lives, Differently

There are very real cultural differences among Americans living in the different regions of the country—even in various areas within those different regions. Beyond the regional accent and/or dialect, you may need to learn lessons in new manners and customs.
lessons from moving across the country

4 – Moving Is Stressful and the Farther You Move, the More Stressful It Can Get

See number two, above. You will be outside your comfort zone and the farther you are from your support network, the more stressful everything can get. There are two great ways to combat this: make new friends, and rely on your connectivity to your existing support group back home.

5 – You May Need a Whole New Wardrobe

Even if you bring clothes for all the seasons where you’re from, there may be differences in climate that are simply not going to be addressed by your current wardrobe. Be prepared for this expense and use the opportunity to explore your new environs and pick some new favorite stores.

Plan for the Challenges of Moving Far Away

It can be easy to forget these days, with the connectivity that modern globalism and the world wide web afford us, that we actually live in a very large country. According to statistics gleaned from the GEOHIVE website, the United States is the third largest country, in terms of surface area, in the world. Along with all that space comes certain cultural differences that can add stress to the logistics of moving. But a little planning will pay huge dividends: both during and after your move.

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