Home Seller’s Guide: Tips Every First-Time Home Seller Needs to Know

by Carson BuckOctober 10, 2016

From Preparation to Listing to Closing

Buying and selling homes can be very stressful. In fact, according to some reports, selling a home can be more stressful than divorce, the death of a loved one, bankruptcy, and many other big life changes and challenges. This will likely come as no surprise to anyone who’s been through the process. Given the preparations to the property, dealing with Realtors, allowing potential buyers into your sanctuary, dealing with offers, and closing the deal, it would be next to impossible for even the most Zen among us to maintain a normal stress level.

All of these pressures can be felt the greatest by those going through the process for the first time. And it’s no wonder, as the path to successfully selling your first home is fraught with pitfalls and potential mistakes that can cost homeowners thousands, if not tens of thousands, in equity or sales potential—depending on the market. So, to put your mind at ease, here’s a quick list of some basic tips that every first-time home seller should know.
Homeseller's Guide: Tips Every First Time Home Seller Needs to Know

Keep Your Emotions Out of the Process

You are selling your home, a place potentially full of both good and challenging memories. Before you do anything else, try to make peace with the idea and realize that once you begin the sales process, your home is now just a property. What’s best for the sale of the property may run against your taste, or may require changing portions of the house that you loved — but keep in mind, this is for the benefit of the sale. Try to be as detached during the process as possible, especially during negotiations.

Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

This should go without saying, but hiring an agent experienced with selling similar properties in your specific (neighborhood) market is especially important the first time you sell your house. Everything from correctly pricing the listing, to effectively marketing the property to qualified buyers, generating offers, and closing the deal depends on having the right professional for the job.
Homeseller's Guide: Tips Every First Time Home Seller Needs to Know

Give Your Property Curb Appeal While De-cluttering the Interior and Staging It

One great way to gain the necessary emotional distance from what was once your home is to work on its interior and exterior appeal. In conjunction with your real estate professional, generate curb appeal (keeping in mind what will motivate the average qualified buyer in your neighborhood), removing clutter and personal items from the interior, and staging it as if it were move-in ready for the buyer you are looking for.

Maximize Sale Price While Minimizing Stress

Selling your home doesn’t have to be the most stressful process you ever have to go through as a homeowner. With some planning, a little work, and the right team supporting you, the process can be handled effectively and with less stress than the buying process.

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