Spooktacular Treats: What to Bring to Your Halloween Gathering

by Alex ThatcherOctober 21, 2016

Don’t Get Eaten By Zombies. Bring Treats Instead

The next time you find yourself with a home full of zombies, ghouls, or god forbid, walking foodstuffs looking to even the score, you had better make some delicious treats if you want to survive.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded up some delicious Halloween snacks sure to distract the creatures of the night from their cravings for fresh, delicious brains.
spooky Treats What to Bring to a Halloween Gathering party recipes

Leftover Halloween Candy Cake

This is a sure winner if you have a ton of leftover candy in your trick-or-treat bowl, or if your kids bring home way too much candy on Halloween night. Well, your kids might not be too pleased about surrendering their treats, but they’ll probably capitulate if you promise to save them a piece of this mouth-watering cake.
spooky Treats What to Bring to a Halloween Gathering party recipes

Halloween Popcorn Treats

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentis knows a thing or two about making delicious desserts, and this spooky popcorn treat recipe comes straight from her hit show, Giada at Home. It takes just over an hour to make, and it’s an easy recipe, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble making it even if you haven’t touched an oven since before you became a vampire.

Shrimp Brain Cocktail

This recipe from Buzzfeed gets extra points for creative use of a Jell-O mold and sheer repulsiveness. That’s not normally a desirable quality in a party snack, but this is Halloween, when disgusting-looking but tasty desserts are a big hit. Just don’t make this recipe at Christmastime.
spooky Treats What to Bring to a Halloween Gathering party recipes

Goblin Dip With Bone Crackers

Here’s a delightfully spicy dip that combines several savory ingredients into one winning recipe: refried beans, green chiles, pico de gallo, and the bones of the dead. In reality, it’s a relatively straightforward Tex-Mex bean dip, but the homemade bone crackers are a nice touch.

Apple Bobbing Punch

Let’s face it: bobbing for apples is disgusting. And while “disgusting” certainly fits into the whole Halloween theme, we just don’t like apples enough to brave the apple-bobbing trough to get at them. Instead, we’ll settle for this delightful, non-alcoholic apple bobbing punch. Of course, you can always add a splash of bourbon to liven things up.

Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs

According to urban legend, the average person swallows 10 spiders per year in their sleep. That myth has been repeatedly proven false, but if there were ever a time to up your spider intake, then Halloween would be it.

You could go looking for juicy arachnids to crunch on, or you could just make these spooky spider deviled eggs. We’ll opt for the latter, but it’s your life. You do you.
spooky Treats What to Bring to a Halloween Gathering party recipes

Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches

This recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the trick-or-treat set. Or your totally mature adult friends who just happen to enjoy treats shaped like disembodied fingers. Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches don’t require much on the culinary front, but you’ll certainly need your sculpting skills from high school art class.

Halloween Jell-O Shots

This recipe involves Jell-O, vodka, and non-stick cooking spray. What could possibly go wrong? Don’t do too many of these, and you’ll never have to know. Or do, but leave the heavy machinery to someone else. Anyway, these terrifyingly tasty Jell-O shots are so simple that a zombie could make them – even the slow, dumb kind. Enjoy.
spooky Treats What to Bring to a Halloween Gathering party recipes


We hope your next haunted house is a graveyard smash, and that all the ghouls and ghosts have a ghastly good time.

Oh, and if you still happen to be wandering the land of the living in search of a home to haunt, we’d be happy to work our magic on your behalf. Homes.com specializes in secret lairs, vampire castles and mummy pyramids, but we also work with non-supernatural homebuyers. Get in touch. Just don’t eat our brains. We need those.

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