11 DIY Fall Decor Projects to Try this Season

by Alex ThatcherNovember 3, 2016

Crafting Your Own Seasonal Joy

Fall evokes sentiments of warmth and comfort. But the season also brings an array of gourd and pumpkin style décor. While you can create a tasteful porch display or mantle arrangement with traditional fall décor items, this season, the key is to keep it simple.

Subtle touches, incorporated warmth, and seasonal items that serve a year-round purpose, these are great ways to decorate your home for fall. Curious? Read on for 11 DIY fall décor projects you’ll want to try around your home this season.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

A Textured Wreath

As leaves start to fall this season, bring seasonal color into your home by crafting a textured wreath. Whether you decide to incorporate actual leaves, or save yourself the trouble of a mess by using burlap as featured in this DIY wreath tutorial, a perfect touch of cozy for your home.
DIY Fall home Decor Projects

Chalkboard Cheese Tray

With seasonal celebrations and hosting duties on the horizon, step up your serving display with a DIY chalkboard cheese tray. Simple, easy, and elegant, this DIY cheese tray project from Brit + Co will have your guests loving your tray as much as the food it carries.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Embroidery Hoop Spider Webs

DIY projects are great ways to spend time with your kids, and what could be better than a festive holiday craft? This season, add a little spooky to your home with these embroidery hoop spider webs. With a little yarn, patience, and creativity, this is the perfect DIY project for you to complete with your kids.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Macrame Wall Hanging

Looking for a simple update to your space? A macramé wall hanging is the perfect fall DIY project: budget conscious, and fun for new and well-seasoned crafters. When selecting your yard (we recommend 6mm cord), gravitate towards neutral hues, or warm fall colors. Darling Magazine has helpful macramé tutorial.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Colored Acorns

Sometimes all your space needs is the simplest touch. One of our favorite subtle DIY projects is this colored acorn idea from Good Housekeeping. Add a touch of paint, a dab of glitter, and place acorns in a small bowl or mason jar you already use to decorate your space, and you’ll set the mood for fall.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Thankful Tree

This season, take time to reflect on joys and moments of thankfulness over the past year. With a few materials, and a little self-reflection, you’ll be on your way to crafting a thankful tree that adds warmth to your home.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Metallic Dipped Vases

Another minor touch that makes all the difference: update glass vases with a touch of metallic paint. For this fall season, use the newly metallic vase to hold candles, pine, or branches. Follow Darling Magazine’s tutorial on how to craft the perfect gilded vase.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Versatile Wood Accents

Another simple, yet elegant, DIY fall décor project? A multipurpose wood box. Sounding too square, too basic? Think again. Natural wood perfectly captures fall’s celebration of nature. And, as a material, wood is incredibly versatile; you can stain the wood lighter or darker depending on your preference and other home goods. Follow this wooden box tutorial to create your own wood box – the perfect storage, planter, miscellaneous solution for your home.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Cube Pendant Lights

Rustic wood details don’t all have to be floor bound – think up! Designers and home goods stores have many different (not to mention pricey) wooden cube pendant lights, which are perfect for adding a season touch that you won’t have to take down with your Christmas tree. Check out Vintage Revival’s DIY Openwork Cube Pendant Light tutorial to find out how to add your own seasonal touch for a fraction of in-store costs.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Fall Pallet Art Display

While we’re on the subject of wood DIY crafts, another seasonal yet versatile craft is a DIY pallet art display. As kids bring home projects (think handprint turkeys, classic popsicle stick crafts, etc.), you’ll want to have a space to display their work. Get to work on this tutorial on how to craft the perfect DIY fall pallet art display.
DIY Fall Decor Projects

Clever Pumpkins

We said we were over gourds and pumpkins, but these were just too cute. Follow Good Housekeeping’s advice and turn wood trim corner blocks into rustic pumpkins.

Undecided about which DIY project will best suit your home this fall? Try a couple and let us know which fall DIY crafts best transformed your home!
DIY Fall Decor Projects

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