Top 10 Underrated and Undiscovered Destinations for Affordable Vacation or Investment Homes

by Tommy SibigaNovember 30, 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a vacation home that you could return to year after year? Perhaps just slip away after a long work week. Your own personal retreat from the hectic chaos of life? Or even a second home that’s not a liability but rather an asset, one that’s producing income for you? A vacation home in a sought after area may be more affordable than you think. Below is a list of the top 10 most affordable vacation areas that are still a popular, underrated and undiscovered destination.

Of the top 20 vacation home destinations, the most affordable vacation home with a median price of only $95,000 in the Albany area of Clinton, Kentucky. Located right between Dale Hollow Lake and Lake Cumberland this is a terrific spot with an easy drive. It’s also centrally located to much of the east coast vacationers.

Not far behind for price but bottoming out the top 20 is Friendship, Wisconsin. Homes in the 53934 ZIP code have a modest median price of $109,604. Also located near two lakes, homes in Adams are close to Castle Rock Lake and Petenwell Lake. Friendship serves as an easy getaway for those living in the Midwest.

Third cheapest and third most popular is just one state over in Hinckley, Minnesota. The theme continues with being close to a large body of water but not directly on the water. Homes in the Hinckley area has a low median cost of only $118,308. The casino town offers entertainment plus all the other outdoor activities related to a large lake.

A quick run down of the remaining top 10 are:

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Of these top 10 underrated yet popular destinations there a few trends that may be extrapolated out to other areas. Most all of these areas are near an attractive body of water. Most of them all are near either a lake or a river and not a beach. The sandy beach towns tend to fetch a much higher price. Another trend is that they are typically located very central to one of the large United States regions. It may be of no surprise that folks who live up north in colder climates like to vacation a bit more south in warmer areas. Folks in warm areas will either make a lateral climate change or mix up their scenery by exploring the mountains. Lastly, popular vacation homes are centered around enjoyable outdoor activities.

A vacation home may just be more affordable than you think. People are constantly using the internet to research areas and plan their trips. Using those analytics is helpful in discerning a wise investment. The recent statistics from Trulia’s search function will hopefully serve as just one small guide to help you in your search. Ready to start looking for your new home? Start browsing today.

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