So You Want to Live in… Austin, TX?

by Carson BuckNovember 7, 2016

All About Austin, TX

Austin, Texas, the state’s capital, stands as an interesting choice, because Austin is not necessarily representative of the rest of the state, characterized by features such as ranching, farming, and the oil business. Austin, in contrast, is a much more urban, artistic community, even going so far as to adopt the unofficial slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” Austin is the fastest growing of the fifty largest U.S. cities, and is characterized by its popular arts festivals such as the music and film extravaganza SXSW. Austin is a clean-air city with strong no-smoking ordinances, and it is also the second safest major city in America, according to a 2012 FBI report.
Austin Texas Downtown

Austin, Texas History

When Texas won independence from Mexico in 1836, Vice President Mirabeau Lamar suggested the capital be relocated from Houston to a buffalo-rich area on the north bank of the Colorado River. In 1839, under the advice of then President Lamar, a commission formed by the Texas Congress designated the area known as Waterloo to be the capital, renaming it Austin after Texas war hero Stephen F. Austin.

The state capitol building was finally finished in 1888 and was at the time one of the ten largest buildings in the world. Over the course of the 20th century, Austin grew and established itself as a major metropolitan center, with features such as the University of Texas at Austin cementing the city’s importance. Starting in the 1970s and continuing to today, Austin has become extremely significant as a part of the national music scene. The city of Austin is the location of the longest running concert music program on television in America, Austin City Limits.

Austin, Texas Attractions

Austin’s streets are lined with various eclectic bars and restaurants, and the South Congress area is a famous shopping district with a variety of interesting shops and eateries. Probably the biggest attraction of Austin comes in its annual cultural events, and the most well known of these may be South by Southwest, an interactive music festival that brings old and new musical acts from all over the world to perform.
South By Southwest, Austin, Texas
South by Southwest (SXSW) also features a film festival, but the biggest film festival is the Austin Film Festival in the fall, which features screenings of new artists’ films all over town, as well as panel discussions from filmmakers and other events. Flowing into the Austin Film Festival is the Austin Screenwriters Conference, where old and new screenwriters meet to discuss and hone their craft. Other attractions in Austin include the Texas Memorial Museum, the Austin Zoo, and more.

Austin, Texas Employment

Austin is a major technology city, so those with a background in computers and digital technology may easily find a home here. In 2012, Forbes ranked the Austin Metro area first among all big cities for jobs. The biggest employers in Austin include Dell, IBM, Apple, the Austin Independent School District, the City of Austin, the Federal Government, and Freescale Semiconductor. Other companies with offices located in the Austin area include Hewlett-Packard, eBay, PayPal, EA, Facebook, Google, and Xerox.

Living in Austin, TX

With its beautiful buildings, exciting and enriching culture, and ample job opportunities, Austin can be a great place to call home for many types of people. If you think Austin might be just the place to make your next move, can help you find the home you’re looking for. Use our handy search tool, and let start you down the path to finding an amazing new home in Austin, Texas!

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