15 Must-Use Pool Maintenance Hacks That Can Keep Your Pool Clean and Green

by Andrea RalphDecember 14, 2016

The pool is an exciting attraction for recreation and people of all ages get drawn to it easily. It can, however, become a nightmare when it is not in proper condition.

Here are 15 Great Pool Maintenance Tips to keep your Pool Clean

  1. The water level of your pool should not be too low or overly high. The gauge is the center level marked by your pool skimmer. This is the point that is fitting for best performance and optimal outcomes. The water pump can go dry if the water is too low or get burnt when it goes too high. Debris gets trapped by the skimmer door when the water level is too high and hereby impairing its performance.
  2. An efficient Ozonator keeps your pool chlorine consumption at reduced levels. The degree of cleanliness of your pool is not necessarily determined by high chlorine levels. The UV or Ozonator that is installed on your pool needs to be checked to confirm that the light is working. Do this check and be sure your pool is at its best.
  3. The pH levels of your pool need to be checked twice a week when it is summer and once every two weeks when winter comes. The pH level is recommended for 7.2 at the least and 7.8 at the maximum. As pH rises, the less effective the chlorine becomes and at the lower limit, the better it is for your pool.
  4. The pool filter is required to be cleaned regularly to keep them efficient. Whenever it rains heavily or there is such a heavy storm that leads to heavy flooding, remember to have you filter cleaned. The suggested time frame for cleaning is once in 4 months and this translates to thrice a year. To make sure you do not miss the schedule, set it up on your mobile or desktop planner.If you clean the filters yourself, get trisodium phosphate and always use a trash can for that purpose. Add some acid to the can and dilute with water. Make sure your gloves are on and there is protection for your eyes before dipping your filter. Always clean your can thoroughly after use and leave to dry.


  1. The tile line on your pool needs to be cleaned weekly to avoid any build-up. If your pH reads 7.2, scum will not develop on your tile lines.
  2. Watch out for cracks when observing the space between your tiles and pool deck. Whenever you notice a crack, throw in some silicon beads so that water will not migrate under the cracks. Water seepage can impair the integrity of your pool as the pool water itself is very damaging when allowed into cracks and crevices.
  3. The gates to your pool must be designed to lock–in by some kind of latching mechanism. When anyone leaves the pool area, the gate should swing out by design so as to keep the little ones safe. No one should get trapped in as a result of faulty design.

pool gate

  1. When your kids go to the pool, make sure to have bathroom breaks by design so that they don’t get caught inside the pool when it is late to do otherwise.
  2. Algae get fed by bird and animal droppings and failure to keep them away from the pool means you are encouraging algae growth. Vegetation and chemicals should also be kept away from the pool area.
  3. Your skimmer needs a weekly cleaning and since its job is to collect dirt and debris before they sink underwater, it must be efficient. Every foreign body in your pool gets in through the surface and this is the reason the skimmer must be kept in good order at all times. The skimmer basket should be emptied as often as you deem necessary and the waste disposed of immediately.
  4. The lint pot at the fore of your pool needs to be cleaned periodically and before you do this, make sure the pump is turned off. The lint pot is the basket placed within the pump. Always ensure that there is a leaf trapper whenever a new swimming pool is getting installed. Use a variable speed pump that is easy to operate as it is optimized for prompt DIY cleaning. When debris accumulates here and does not get disposed of, the efficiency of the pump is compromised.


  1. If you have chlorine generator installed in your swimming pool, it means there is no need to manually add chlorine to it. The mechanism is powered by a cell and the entire chemistry of your pool must be appropriately catered for always to keep it in good working state. For salt powered systems, be careful the degree of salt as there is an artificial increase in the pH levels in most cases and you need to avoid adding more acid.In any case, and irrespective of the mode of system you use, make sure you understand the mechanism properly or have it maintained by a pool care company that is reputable like Pool Service Las Vegas. Since this will invariably lead to more maintenance charges, they will be more expensive in any way and you need to decide what you are up to as you make your choice.
  2. If you have health challenges like diarrhea, it is better to avoid swimming as this can lead to mushrooming of germs and infections. It is best practice to consider the safety of others and yourself in the long run.
  3. Before plunging into the pool, it is advisable to do use a soap and shower. The washing of hands after changing diapers and using the toilet must be adhered to for good hygiene. You do not want germs to leave your body and end up in the pool.
  4. The use of inline chlorinators requires that the chlorine tablet levels are checked alongside the loading for possible clogging. The required loading levels will make it possible for residual chlorine topping with no added requirement except when an upgrade is already due.

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Andrea here from Pool Service Las Vegas. I work as a kid’s swimming instructor part time and find that there are a lot of safety precautions that are ignored by people today. I believe kid’s safety is of paramount importance and that is why I’ve chosen to educate people on kids’ pool safety.

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